The past year has been marked by a significant polarization of discussions about science. This phenomenon was of course caused by the pandemic and people’s opinions on the origins or the best approaches to manage the crisis, or by the necessity or the safety of the use of vaccines. This polarization has even strongly affected the scientific world to a point where certain exchanges or debates of opinion are no longer possible. And this is not the first time. We only have to think about the fact that some cases of type II diabetes can now be cured and no one dares to talk about it. The situation is different elsewhere in the world. In the United States, there is open talk of reversing Alzheimer’s. I will discuss this with a doctor at an event on January 12, 2022 (here is the link in French:

This is a worrying setback for the dissemination of fair and informed scientific information. Much of the value of scientific opinion lies in the ability to doubt and question any assumptions or conclusions made. What would science be if it was about certainty? Remember that the earth was once flat.

In this context, Idunn Technologies, which markets Vitoli products, has redoubled its efforts in 2021 to provide you with ever more high-quality information. There are now more than 25 collaborators, all experts in various fields, who participate in producing well-documented articles on the most important subjects in human health. More than 75 articles have been added within the past 12 months.

More expert collaborators

In 2021, we featured collaborators through free virtual interviews that let you learn more about both the different professions, and the practice of these experts. These interviews were in addition to Vitoli conferences that helped us achieve our goal of supporting people to live better and maintain their capacities for as long as possible.

Let me mark 2021 by featuring some content from Vitoli’s well-established science-based blog which are topics that are close to your heart. I’ll close with some important news: the launch of new high-quality products for the start of 2022. Here are our topics for this year overview:

  1. New collaborators
  2. Healthy longevity
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Fasting
  5. Memory
  6. Menopause
  7. New products


  1. New collaborators

The year 2021 was marked by the addition of 9 new experts from a wide variety of professions. You can find their biography on the right side of the Vitoli blog. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that all these collaborators participate for free in order to put the pedal to the metal for better health. I welcome these experts whom I thank from the bottom of my heart for their commitment. Here they are in order of additions within the past year:

  1. February 9 = A psychologist (the 2nd): Geneviève Labonté-Chartrand
  2. March 2 = A kinesiologist (the 2nd): Pierre-Olivier Pinard
  3. March 19 = An osteopath (1st), naturopath (2nd) and Dr. in food science (1st): Valérie Conway, Ph.D., ND. A, Osteopath
  4. March 30 = A pharmacist (5th) health coach (1st): Tessadit Ouiddir
  5. April 9 = A naturopath (3rd) and Dr. in nutrition (1st): Julie Goulet PhD, N.D., CFMP
  6. May 14 = A doctor (2nd): Anne-Isabelle Dionne
  7. June 15 = A kinesiologist (3rd): Patrice Beaudry, B.Sc.
  8. June 25 = A hypnotherapist (1st): Denise Tapp
  9. December 7 = A kinesiologist (4th): Jean-Christophe Poirier


  1. Healthy longevity

Idunn Technologies, which markets Vitoli products and provides the necessary support for the communication of all this scientific information, is a company specializing in longevity in good health. You can read more about our research on my professional website. It is therefore normal to find cutting-edge longevity content on the blog:

  1. Natural Products and Sirtuins; How To Prevent Disease?
  2. Gerosuppressive Agents
  3. Quebec Research on Primary Aging
  4. Why Live to Old Age To Be Sick Longer?
  5. The Longevity Diet (Book by Prof. Valter Longo): Article 1 of 2
  6. Olives Every Day To Stay Young Forever?
  7. The Longevity Diet (Book by Prof. Valter Longo): Article 2 of 2
  8. Autophagy: Natural Products, Sirtuins and Longevity (Article 3 of 3)
  9. The Personality To Live 100 Years
  10. Healthy Aging; It’s Possible!
  11. Autophagy: Cellular Digestion in the Service of Longevity


  1. Vitamin D and the immune system

Here is a topic that should have garnered a lot of ink in 2021, but which received very little attention in our media. These articles should help you see things more clearly.

  1. Why Is Vitamin D So Important?
  2. IMMUNE SYSTEM Recipe With Zinc and Vitamin D (Seafood, Fish, …
  3. Immune System 2 of 2: 6 Effective Supplements That Work
  4. Immunity and Vitamin D; the Pharmacist’s Point of View
  5. 7 Tips To Protect Yourself From Viral Complications
  6. The Truth About Vitamin D
  7. Vitoli Immunity: The Most Complete Product


  1. Fasting and the ketogenic diet

The year 2020 was marked by the addition of ten articles on this subject. You can always consult them by clicking on the corresponding subsection of the blog. Here are four new ones, released in 2021, that should help you learn more.

  1. How Could Fasting Help Fight Cancer?
  2. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet; Really?
  3. Autophagy: The Effects of Fasting (Article 2 of 3)
  4. Fasting 6: Longevity and Metabolic Flexibility


  1. Memory

Memory is said to be the most important concern as we age (cognitive health), even surpassing cancer and cardiovascular disease. You will notice that the 3rd article, which is a summary of the first two, mentions that it was originally published in the journal, Vitalité Québec. We collaborate to disseminate information on longevity in health with various media, written, television and digital, for which I am the expert on this subject which concerns everyone.

  1. Memory and Cognitive Health – Ginkgo biloba (1 of 2)
  2. Memory and Cognitive Health – Ginkgo biloba (2 of 2)
  3. A Thousand-Year-Old Tree for Improved Memory
  4. Maintain Cognitive Health in a Natural Way


  1. Menopause

Menopause is a stage with many surprises. Some are lucky, some less, but this is definitely an important topic. Here are 3 articles that tackle it, from 3 different angles, to answer as many questions as possible.

  1. At the Heart of Menopause
  2. The Other Premenopause
  3. Menopause: How To Reduce the Symptoms?


  1. New products

We are very proud to announce that our efforts to make natural products of higher quality, more effective, readily available to the population will be extended to other types of products. From the start of 2022, we will announce the debut of 4 new products which will be closely followed by a 5th, which is still in development. Follow us to stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter  and liking our Facebook page !

*From the whole Idunn Technologies & Vitoli team, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our journey and above all, wishing a Happy New Year to all, in great health!