From the start of my twenties, I was able to develop my skills in several areas without imposing boundaries. Having created my first company Kin Impact ( during my university studies in kinesiology in 2007, I then completed several trainings which took me particularly to Sweden and California.

I also assisted Mr. Charles Poliquin, internationally renowned trainer, for 6 months in his high-performance center in Rhode Island in the United States in 2009.

Starting in 2010, I had the chance to refine my nutrition, healthy lifestyle and training counseling techniques in Paris, Geneva and Montreal before settling in Estrie. I then developed an evaluation software for health professionals ( which was marketed in 2012. The same year, I opened a new office in Sherbrooke with a small team of kinesiologists.

2015 began with the opening of my first 4000 square foot medico-athletic institute in the bucolic city of Magog in addition to completing my training in functional medicine at the Functionnal Medecine University the very same year.

My first healthy cookbook “Simplement Santé” was published the following year. 2017 allowed me to open a second medico-athletic institute before starting the first public training of Physical Fitness Intervenor in Canada, in 2018. This training of just over 400 hours and recognized by the Ministry of Education is the only alternative to studying kinesiology and private training for those who want to progress in physical conditioning. 2018 also allowed me to acquire a yoga studio to add a string to my bow. Kin Yoga, neighbor of my institute Kin Impact, offers dozens of classes per week. On a more personal note, I also had the chance to welcome my son who always brings joy to me and my wife.

The need to learn pushed me at the beginning of 2020 to continue my graduate studies in nutrition at the Laval University for a diploma which should arrive at the end of 2021. Studying remains a priority in the perspective that I continue to offer weekly nutrition and healthy lifestyle consultation services.

2020 and its pandemic challenges has been the year of preparation for a revolutionary web platform in the field of integrative health. In fact, the Humain 360 platform (, officially launched in March 2021, brings together a host of health professionals, brought together to offer relevant and scientifically based tools on health. Thus, people suffering from sleep problems, premature aging, weight gain, significant stress, nutritional problems, etc., will find incomparable support resources for francophones. This platform is also ideal for professionals wanting to refer their clients to a digital option to complete their services.


Pierre-Olivier Pinard, Kinesiologist and certified in functional medicine