Privacy Policy

Idunn Technologies is committed to always demonstrate the utmost respect and dedication to its customers. We want this respect to be apparent on the Internet as well. We are committed to protect the confidentiality of our customers’ personal information online. Idunn Technologies does not disclose confidential customer information (name, shipping address, email, phone number, credit card number and expiration date) to any third party. This information allows us to process and track your orders only.

This section sets out our protocol for the collection and use of the information you provide to us. The information you entrust to us is valuable and is intended for our use only. In all circumstances it will be treated in a manner that maintains its confidentiality. Under no circumstances will we agree to sell or trade the data collected through this site. Similarly, we will never accept or solicit personal information from you unless you choose to provide it to us yourself. The only purpose of the information we request from you is to help us get to know you better; we use it to tailor the content of our site to our customers. This ensures that we are always serving you better.

Your email address registered on our newsletter will only be used to send you information about our special offers and news to be announced on our site. It will not be disclosed to anyone else (organization, company or other).

Yes, we do use cookies on our websites. The use of cookies on websites is the standard rather than the exception and most browsers are programmed to accept them. Cookies store information about your visit in a small file on your hard drive. This information is used by Idunn Technologies to simplify your shopping and navigation. Cookies only store information related to your movements on our site and do not have the ability to retrieve other types of information from your hard drive. It is harmless and can in no way transmit a computer virus to your computer. Don’t worry: cookies can’t identify you.