Julie Goulet is a mother of three teenagers, wife, functional naturopath, doctor of nutrition, CFMP (Functional Medicine University) certified, lecturer, caregiver, nature lover and fascinated by medicinal plants. She is passionate about science and health, but above all she wants to empower people to optimize their health by taking back control of their lives and vitality.

Julie has always been fascinated by human beings and always had a holistic view of each individual. She is always trying to figure out how to best apply her knowledge to help people. It was this desire to understand that prompted her to find a way that could help her and her children to regain better health. She therefore opened up to alternative approaches and began to search the scientific literature for the different options available to her. It was then that she discovered how naturopathy and functional nutrition could answer her questions and allow her family to regain balance and control over their lives. Her children made her a new person and a more accomplished therapist. After working in research for 15 years, she decided to return to clinical practice, but this time to functional naturopathy in order to help people regain better health. She therefore studied herbalism and functional medicine to further her knowledge. It is now through functional naturopathy that she unites her greatest passions and knowledge to help people regain their balance at different times in their lives. She really has a talent for popularizing her knowledge so that each individual can have lasting changes in their health.

Like her mentor Sachin Patel, she is convinced that the doctor of the future will be the patient. She is committed to helping others raise awareness of their health, activate their inner healer and optimize their health in depth through the use of nutrition, lifestyle habits like physical activity, sleep, breathing and the use of medicinal super foods like mushrooms.

She wishes to help transform the health paradigm and she now devotes her career to improving the integrative health approach for the population and health professionals in her community.

You will be fascinated by the passion and the joie de vivre that resides in Julie!