Eugénie Francoeur became a health coach after having worked for a long time in communications, as a journalist, interviewer and speaker. Her career always aimed to explore global health issues around the world, both through scientific medicine and alternative therapies.

She met some of the brightest minds with the goal of sharing their knowledge and in contributing to a health revolution. She has the firm conviction that each individual must take responsibility for their own health, i.e. to take charge and stop in blindly believing in a miracle pill.

Ms. Francoeur is a curious, honest and passionate person. Her human qualities and professional skills make her a privileged observer of contemporary culture and an exceptional specialist in global health.

Professional career

Eugénie practiced for more than two decades within the profession of journalism within large companies such as Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec, CBC, Le Devoir and the Globe and Mail. Called on to cover major social or political events, she has always expressed a primary interest in the exploration of health-related topics. It started in Vancouver in the 90s while she made a series of TV reports on alternative therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy, massage therapy and meditation. Several years later, she taught meditation in Quebec, Europe and India.

At the heart of her questioning: longevity and quality of life. She traveled to Okinawa in Japan, the place where the most centenarians can be found worldwide. How do they live, eat and take care of themselves? She has written extensively on the issue and recounted her experience in the documentary series Vivre autrement, presented on the radio on Radio-Canada. This big series and four others in which she participated as an interviewer and co-director, Vivre jusqu’au bout, Une enfance pour la vie and la Soif de bonheur, won numerous prizes including, in 2011, the highest honor at Radio-Canada; the President’s Award. The columnist, Josée Legault, wrote about Vivre jusqu’au bout, a documentary about the end of life: “The words fail me to tell you how impressed I am with this series which no other Quebec production would have produced better, more intelligently, more refined, more authentic and more relevant to such a fundamental subject.”

A humanist, Eugénie has been running a non-profit organization for 5 years, the Fondation Maison Theatre, which allows children who have not been pampered by life to open up to the world and to the arts, by allowing them to attend plays. Previously Eugénie organized and took part in several humanitarian missions in Cambodia, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Rich in so much experience and knowledge, she made an important shift, in registering for intensive health coaching training given by the Kresser Institute, based in California. Its goal is to support people in their quest for optimal health. “It’s necessary to restore hope” she writes, “there are always solutions”.

Mission accomplished. The path towards the Health Revolution continues.