Working on beliefs has been part of my life for many years. So, I directed my attention to trainings that focused on this topic. First, there was the fascinating world of therapeutic hypnosis. Being, for many years, a hypnotherapist trained to help children and adults, I instantly found myself in my zone from the first day of the training. This fascinated me so much that I came, several years later, to write a book that demystifies therapeutic hypnosis while giving valuable advice to improve the quality of life, easily and quickly. As I enjoyed writing a lot, I wrote and produced several visualization CDs. Graduated in Hypnosis and member of the association, ACTMD (Association Canadienne des Thérapeutes en Médecines Douces), I can issue receipts for my sessions.

Then, my interest went to Applied Metaphysics which encompasses a philosophy of life based on the positive aspect of it and which makes us discover hypnosis, meditation, belief systems, positive thinking, dreams, yoga… It allowed me to learn even more about belief systems. During this training, I wrote a master’s thesis on the art of formulating our commands to the universe which was followed by a doctoral thesis on self-hypnosis and how to positively self-program.

Another technique I learned was “ThetaHealing”, and even taught it for several years. This is another way of doing and living your life while being attentive to the words spoken, because they program us either positively or negatively.

Over the years, I have even written several song lyrics. In 2021, I published a second personal journey book that brings together 180 love stories of all kinds that are in poetic form. In L’amour avec un grand cœur, I give readers a lot of tools to improve their quality of life.

Very recently, following a serious health problem, I discovered Vitoli products which led me to meet Eric Simard, doctor of biology and president of the company. Vitoli has changed my life! I can even say that this is another miracle in my life. After that, I shared my stories on social media to help as many people as possible improve their quality of life.

Always in the spirit of self-help, I created a Fibromyalgia Facebook page: Fibromyalgie et plus : des Solutions. You can find ample solutions in order to feel good in your own skin, mentally, physically, relationally and emotionally. As I’m better physically (thanks to Vitoli), I continue to share my writing talents. I wrote three other audios that help to live better in everyday life: better breathe, appeasement and letting go. Many tools are waiting for you, even here, on this blog. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge with you with.

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