Health professionals unite to promote healthy aging; Éric Simard, PhD in Biology, article 1 of 3.

Healthy aging – a meaning to our lives

We join forces for one reason: life. We made the decision to focus our efforts on promoting healthy aging to take care of life, but more importantly, to keep those we love for as long as possible.

We can take well enough care of our lives to enjoy it to its fullest potential. Scientific knowledge is sufficiently advanced to allow us to say that we know how to age well. We want to see the people we know, our friends, our family, our children, grow old and healthy. So we decided to make the effort to communicate this knowledge to as many people as possible.

We will present, one by one, collaborating members who have contributed to the company and who will write short articles every now and then. Stay tuned for future articles on healthy aging!

Éric Simard, PhD in Biology, researcher in the field of aging

Dr. Éric Simard holds a doctorate in biology from the INRS Institut Armand-Frappier. He is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC – Quebec) and a member, appointed by the Council of Ministers, of the Commission on Ethics in Science and Technology. He has also been an instructor/trainer for nutritionists, pharmacists and doctors. He is now President of Idunn Technologies, a company specialized in healthy aging which commercializes the Vitoli product line.

Originally from a small village in Lac Saint-Jean, Dr. Simard comes from a very modest family. His father fell seriously ill while still in high school, so he promised to take firm action to make a difference, to contribute and to innovate in human health, especially through prevention. For this reason, in 2013, he decided to initiate new research on aging and to found the biotechnology company,Idunn Technologies.

He is a pioneer in the discovery of important modulators of primary aging. These discoveries were published by a prestigious scientific journal in the field of aging and resulted in the filing of six patents. His graduate studies were supported by seven excellence scholarships and five honorary awards.

Recognizing that current knowledge already makes many recommendations to aging in good health, Dr. Simard has written two books, with the collaborationof five other health professionals. They reviewed more than 500 scientific references in order to make their reads more appealing to the general public: “Live Younger, Longer” and ”Live Younger, TWO Times Longer”.