Doctor in neurosciences, Joël Monzée has a multidisciplinary training in pedagogy, psychology, neurophysiology and clinical ethics. Obtained an excellence grant from major research funds for his doctorate (FRSQ) and his post-doctorate (IRSC), he was also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Future Personality of the Year award in 2002. Associate Professor of the Faculty of Education in UQAM in the mid-2000s, he was then associated with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. This is how he devoted himself to the clinic, to continuing education (Canada, France and Belgium) and to the writing of books both clinical and intended for the general public.

For the past twenty years, he has been leading continuing education courses for stakeholders in the world of childhood and health fields, as well as for managers (management, human resources management, etc.). Author of 10 books and numerous chapters or scientific and clinical articles, he is an international lecturer. Through his training and writings, he associates neuroscience with psychology and pedagogy. In addition to his training and clinical activities, he is part of consultation tables within institutions and ministries (Education and Social Services). He is frequently invited by the media to comment on current issues relating to mental health and education, but he is also a columnist for various programs of public interest. In addition, he is a consultant for various public bodies and institutions.

He concludes by explaining that “Since my early childhood, I observed the people around me and tried to understand the human experience. This curiosity has therefore led me to an original academic career: pedagogy, psychology, psychomotricity, neurosciences and ethics. Until recently, my professional life was written around three pillars: psychotherapeutic practice, university research and the continuing education of health, and education for professionals as well as for parents. However, I gave up my university mandates in December of 2019 to give more space to a project that has been close to my heart for years: the establishment of a virtual training center combining affective neuroscience, psychology and ethics in the fields of educational, clinical or administrative intervention. This is how “Brain and Psychology” became the heart of my professional life.”


Joël Monzée, doctor in neurosciences

Founding Director of the Institute for Child and Family Development and the Institute of Psychology and Neurosciences.