A third pharmacist joins the Vitoli blog as a collaborator. Here is a short presentation of Patricia Dubé, pharmacist and founder of Leadership Santé.

Patricia has been a pharmacist for over 17 years, pharmacy owner for over 12 years, and a member of the Quebec Order of Pharmacists. She has accumulated good team management expertise through her experience as a pharmacy owner, and has developed leadership skills with some of the world’s leading specialists over the past 12 years. So far, she has supported dozens of pharmacy owners and managers in growing their business, as well as in achieving their personal and professional goals. Her professional skills, her presence, her listening skills and her intuition allow her to effectively support her clientele.

When Patricia became the owner of a pharmacy, she was far from aware of the magnitude of the challenge ahead as a businesswoman. She quickly realized that her university education in science would not help her as an entrepreneur.

Inspired by the humanistic approach implemented by her father in his forestry business, she invested time and money to create a world where health sciences and business go hand in hand. She then co-founded Leadership Santé in order to share her approach with healthcare entrepreneurs who face the same challenges.

“Today, I realize how much power I have over my life and it allows me to see and believe that anything is possible, I just have to make the decision!”

To learn more about Leadership Santé : https://www.leadershipsante.com/