Growing up in the world of sports, I got injured frequently.

Luckily, my maternal uncle was a chiropractor and he got me back on my feet like no one else could. He was a role model both as a human and a professional.

After my studies in Industrial Relations which left me without enthusiasm, I finished in 1997 with a baccalaureate in physiotherapy. I practiced it privately and became the owner of my first clinic in 1999.

Still dissatisfied with my therapeutic results, I completed my studies in osteopathy at the Centre Ostéopathique du Québec in 2005.

I taught there until 2016 when I opened one of the first collaborative complementary health centers: Azzuan.

With this experience and this interdisciplinary collaboration, I am building a course on integrative thinking in the world of therapy which is in its 7th edition (2022).

My career in the field of traditional and complementary health has allowed me to experience, in the field and daily, the strengths and shortcomings of each. It is this observation that has led me to redouble my efforts in combining the experience and knowledge of each of these fields for the population’s well-being.

At the same time, I had a career as a semi-pro soccer player and a karate practice that led me internationally as an athlete and as a coach. This background was useful to me in my interventions as a consultant with stakeholders working with Olympic athletes (INS) and high-level athletes (ESL).

For the past few years, I have given myself the mandate to democratize health, well-being, and performance. This is all thanks to my multiple experiences as an osteopath, CEO, speaker, professor, and business speaker.

My wish would be to see the emergence of collaborations and a dialogue between the various health professionals as soon as possible for the benefit of an optimized population!

Michel Venne, Osteopath and Human Optimization Expert