A new collaborator joins the Vitoli blog. Here is a short presentation from nutritionist Hélène Baribeau.

Hélène holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in nutrition. She is the author of the Best Sellers “Santé la Gaspésie” (2000), ” Manger mieux pour être au top ” (2014), “Halte au kilos” (2015), and co-author of the recent book “Ménager la chèvre et manger le chou” (2018). She is also the author of articles that she publishes on her website, her professional Facebook page and in various journals.

A member of the artists’ union, Hélène has participated in numerous TV and radio shows as a nutrition columnist for 20 years now.

Several times a year, she educates the public about the benefits of healthy eating through conferences in businesses but also with health professionals.

Hélène Baribeau is always on point when it comes to new trends in nutrition, including “eating patterns” associated with better longevity in good health.

On a daily basis, in her office located in Ste-Foy, Hélène Baribeau guides people who consult her privately to improve their health condition (diabetes, irritable bowel, high cholesterol, etc.) through the adoption of better eating and living habits. She also guides people who wish to make the vegetable shift (veganism or vegetarianism).

For the past few years, Hélène has become increasingly involved in training other nutritionists and the general public in the benefits of unprocessed plant-based nutrition, through conferences, articles, television, and radio reports. She is currently completing a certificate in plant nutrition from e-Cornell University. In 2018, she also founded, with other nutritionists, an association of health professionals for plant foods (l’association des professionnels de la santé pour l’alimentation végétale (APSAV)). The main reasons that motivated the establishment of this association were the urgency to act through our eating habits, to limit climate change, and the achievement of optimal health.

Website: www.helenebaribeau.com