A graduate from the University of Montreal in kinesiology (2010), Patrice Beaudry now considers himself more as a specialist in healthy lifestyles and athletic performance. Indeed, from the start of his university studies in 2007, he was already interested in the multiple dimensions of human health, such as the physical, social, and emotional dimensions, in addition to being interested in the various natural and complementary approaches related to the overall wellbeing, but also to sports performance.

I must admit that it happened a lot of times during my college and university courses to find myself reading books while the teacher was teaching. Books on nutrition, psychology, biology, sports performance, supplements and natural health products, and more. Luckily, I had an easy time at school, phew! Today I have no regrets, because it was the expression of my thirst for knowledge concerning the human in all its magnificent complexity and, today, it is of great use to me.

Passionate, curious by nature, and wanting to support his clientele as much as possible towards new lifestyles, he has developed his knowledge over the years through several fields of expertise through continuing education and through the constant reading of related scientific literature on physical activity, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and nutrition. Being fundamentally passionate about sports, sports nutrition, fitness and even psychology, he has above all become passionate about people. Since the beginning of his career, he has helped a very diverse clientele, ranging from weight management, athletic performance, and achieving optimal health through natural approaches. This very varied career has greatly nurtured the global expertise of a kinesiologist who has today become much more than a specialist in human movement.

People often ask me what my approach is; are you more for this way of training, this diet, this supplement, or this line of thought?! I always answer pretty much the same thing: I am fairly in the middle; I adapt and I personalize my approach as appropriate. Personally, if you want to know my own method, it’s to take an interest in the person in front of me, the human in front of me. I like to say to my clients: you’re the boss and I am here to guide you using my expertise to do things as best we can while respecting your needs and your values.

After about a dozen years in the field of health, he now favors a biopsychosocial approach to help the population improve their lifestyles so that they are sustainable and with respect for each person’s individuality. He always takes into account, through his process of accompaniment, the factors of real life, that is to say, family, work, friends, experiences, beliefs, fears, genetic factors and gourmet pleasures to help people find a healthy and lasting balance.

You can follow Patrice on social media and in the digital world via his Facebook page (Patrice Beaudry B.Sc., Kinesiologist and Naturotherapist) and Instagram (pbeaudry.kin).

I really like chips, poutine, and enjoying a good wine on occasion, that’s my little secret! The gourmet pleasures of life are important to me. If that’s for you, too, you shouldn’t be without it. Health is not just physical.”