Dr. Anne-Isabelle Dionne graduated from Laval University in medicine in 2012 and did her family medicine residency in Montérégie, where she also established her practice thereafter. Dr. Dionne began her practice in 2014 by working full time in two intensive care units where a majority of patients were hospitalized due to acute complications of underlying chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease and/or heart disease, cancer, diabetes, lung, obesity, etc.). Despite a great passion for critical care through the stabilization of these patients, Dr. Dionne quickly experienced great dismay at the deplorable state of their health following their hospitalization. In 2018 she therefore created the Centre Axis; a cardiovascular rehabilitation and preventive medicine center dedicated to providing free support to patients suffering from chronic diseases (mainly cardiovascular) towards the integration of healthier lifestyles through fully personalized multidisciplinary services. Since then, there are hundreds of patients who have benefited from the support offered by the Centre Axis to support the health of clients.

Having also obtained her certification in functional medicine, the approach of Dr. Dionne and her team aims to treat the individual as a whole by supporting all the processes leading to sustainable health (stress management, sleep optimization, integration of a healthy functional diet, implementation of a physical activity program, development of spirituality, etc.).

Her dearest wish? Convince government authorities to give pride of place to preventive medicine to effectively support health, and with this, in a completely complementary way to the current conventional system which is already very involved in treating the disease once it is established. According to Dr. Anne-Isabelle Dionne, functional medicine is the medicine of tomorrow!