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Gâteau d'anniversaire - 100 ans

What Is the Likelihood of Becoming a Centenarian?

In the year 2000, the world population of centenarians was estimated at 180,000. It should be 3.2 million by the year 2050. What are these people doing to live so long? Are they living healthy or are they simply living with illness longer? Is it through diet, genetics, physical activity? Although it is clear that the descendants of centenarians have a much better chance of living 100 years and more, genetics would only explain 15 to 25% of the chances of longevity. The remaining 75 to 85% are said to be dependent on lifestyle habits, physical activity, body weight, diet, stress management, and emotional health in general.

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Présentation variée d'oeufs

Eggs; Friend or Foe?

The food industry is constantly evolving and it's not always easy to know what is good and what is bad. Eggs were quickly singled out when it came to cholesterol. These days, one can be confused with all the conflicting information that is circulating. But, do we really have to worry about our egg consumption?

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recherche scientifique, teste

Scientific Research: Studies vs. Quality – Article 2 of 4

Note that for each country or group of countries, there is an agency dedicated to the review process for preclinical and clinical records. In Canada, of course, it is Health Canada. If the latter do not agree, the clinical study cannot be carried out. If, on the contrary, they give their consent, the clinical study can begin.

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petite-fille et grand-mère qui prennent une marche en parlant

How to Foster a Supportive Interaction with Someone with Alzheimer’s

As part of World Alzheimer's Month, we wanted to present an article that could help you be better equipped to approach someone with Alzheimer's disease. Whether in a personal or professional context, in order to promote better interactions, it is important to consider a few aspects.

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dame faisant de l'insomnie se tenant la tête

Natural Products for Stress and Insomnia; the Researcher’s Perspective

You should know that some stress problems are related to our genetics and epigenetics, the other part is related to our personality. Therefore, some people will be very nervous and it will be quite apparent. Other people will have unpleasant feelings or recurrent thoughts that are not easily noticeable by those around them.

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Tajine de poulet aux olives et au citron

Chicken tajine with olives and lemon

Olive oil, along with its fruits, is the main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. It has been among the gastronomic gems of the Middle East, including Egypt, for more than 7,000 years. There are 2,500 existing varieties of olives, of which, 250 are cultivated. Large producers like Spain, Italy and Greece, alone, account for 71% of world’s production on the market.

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un médecin en consultation avec un patient

Longevity? Prevention? Disease? – Who Cares!

Even society orients their perspectives in this fashion, which begs the question – WHY? It seems like we have been conditioned to have a form of detachment with our physical bodies, where we choose to only address issues when they seem to intervene with our everyday life.

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Concordia University and Idunn Technologies Unveil New Findings to Slow the Processes of Aging

A Concordia University researcher has discovered 15 new plant extracts that help fight, not against infection, but against aging. Research in the field marks a turning point in human health and preventive medicine. These natural molecules could help prevent all the diseases associated with aging, not one at a time, but all at the same time.

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Access to the right information: How training on the use of Vitoli products can help

It goes without saying that having access to information is not enough to be well informed. Many people know that our training is provided to pharmacists, doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff. We will also be offering it to naturopaths this fall. Many pharmacists have told us this is the best natural health product training they have seen yet.

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dame souffrant de problèmes de digestion et de douleur à l'estomac

DIGESTION: Five things you need to know about the FODMAP diet

Do you know the symptoms that characterize irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Abdominal pain, bloating, gas, alternating loose stools and diarrhea: these are some of the symptoms. This syndrome greatly reduces the quality of life. It is the second leading cause of absenteeism from work and school.

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assiette vide et ustensiles vue de haut

Fasting 5: Optimize benefits with mimetics

I will now talk to you about the possible synergies in the health of aging through the use of mimetics. What is calorie restriction mimetics? Something that mimics the lack of calories?

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Jeune scientifique effectuant des tests en laboratoire

Scientific Research: What You Need to Know – Article 1 of 4

Before a natural product resulting from scientific research is made available on the shelves of a pharmacy, several steps must be completed. To help you understand this process of product development, it is important to understand the reasons behind these different stages that make up traditional scientific research.

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bouteille de produits naturels sur une feuille

Coronavirus and natural products; a hope for new antivirals

I am going to comment here on two scientific papers that have just been released. They describe very well what SARS-CoV-2 is, what it uses to infect the human body and to reproduce itself, with the aim of properly establishing targets for prevention or potential treatment with natural products.

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Dame âgée aidé par une physiothérapeute

Retain Their Capacities; Dignity and Autonomy

When we think of physiotherapy, we often think of an orthopedic approach. The consultation is done following an injury, in order to be able to manage the pain and regain the mobility necessary for our activities. When using physiotherapy with elderly clients or those with a loss of autonomy, it is preferable to recommend a functional approach. The following article will explain what it is and how it differs from what we know.

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Homme à l'épicerie avec un masque

The mask, the risks and the viral load

As you all know, the mask is now mandatory in Quebec in public transport and enclosed public areas since July 18: shops, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. But why specifically enclosed public areas? Which activities are most at risk? We're going to put numbers to all of this to help us breathe more freely.

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tomates et sauce

Mexican Inspired Spaghetti Sauce

Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, is responsible for the red pigmentation of many fruits and vegetables. This natural pigment, from the carotenoid family, is present in greater quantities in tomatoes and watermelon. This powerful antioxidant was particularly known for its preventive effects against prostate cancer. Know, ladies, that it would probably also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

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bol d'olives et huile d'olives

Olive polyphenols can increase life expectancy? (Article 2 of 2)

Do you like olives? Olive oil? Do you already know that they have multiple health benefits? A group of European researchers have just published an article on their anti-aging effects.

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Artichoke Hummus

Great importance is placed on increasing the daily protein intake. We should favor vegetable proteins, such as legumes amongst others. This reduces the consumption of meat, which is beneficial for our health and for the environment. Especially since the consumption of legumes is associated with longevity for many different cultures.

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Dame avec son panier d’épicerie

We’re all going to catch it!

Why do we say we're all going to catch it? Because, for the majority of people, that may be true, but more importantly, because we think more about the possibilities of catching it. We must put all the odds in our favor to be part of the 80% of people who will have the mild form.

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repas diète cétogène populaire

Ketogenic diet: Reaching the suggested 6 months!

After 6 months of strictly following the ketogenic diet, I felt very good about myself. In the previous article, I mentioned having noticed an improvement in my energy, the quality of my sleep and my physical endurance. Know that after 6 months on this diet, these 3 aspects were still present. I was pleasantly surprised!

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Bio Vicky

Longevity & Prevention from the Field of Research with our New Collaborator

Since infancy, Vicky has always been fascinated with medicine, health and nature. She was always immensely active when it came to enriching her community, as she considered it her duty to cultivate her talents and help others.

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plat principal avec des aiguilles d'horloge

Fasting article 4: Stimulate Repair and Slow Down Aging

Fasting causes metabolic changes that are beneficial, but did you know that they are directly related to the processes of primary aging? It both improves cellular repair and slows down aging. One of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world of medicine has just recently published an article on the subject.

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poulet circassien accompagné de salade et de pain

Circassian Chicken Salad

We can never say it often enough: it is beneficial to eat a handful of nuts daily. The portion associated with the palm of your hand is already sufficient to ensure a good supply of protein, fiber and certain minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc. They also contain good fats which are important for absorbing certain nutrients and for many facets of health.

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assiette d'un repas cétogène

Ketogenic Diet: Changes in Just 3 Months!

Here, I will share my results with you, 3 months after the start of my ketogenic diet. I would also like to take this opportunity to describe a significant event during this period. To better understand what this diet consists of and get the details of my first days, check out the two previous articles (A danger is hidden behind the ketogenic diet...? and Three days with the ketogenic diet...)!

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bol de salade concombre et tomate

Israeli Salad

Tomatoes are affordable fruits and pleasantly easy to prepare. They are a good source not just of tomatidine and tomadine, but also of lycopene which reduces the risk of prostate cancer. To make you appreciate this fruit, which originates from South America, we would like to offer you a delicious salad full of freshness.

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bol d'olives et d'huile d'olive

Olive polyphenols protect against aging (article 1 of 2)

Hydroxytyrosol is the most important polyphenol in quantity and in terms of health benefits. It is only very recently that scientific research has made it possible to understand that these multiple benefits are linked to the processes of aging.

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bons gras - diète cétogène

Three days with the ketogenic diet…

It is important to take a moment to be properly informed before embarking on this diet, because you have to change and rethink your diet. I therefore offer you some relevant suggestions.

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poulet dans sa sauce

Richard Abel’s Turmeric Chicken

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have made it a star food. Popularized by the media, its prophylactic use against cancer or diseases associated with oxidative stress is more and more widespread. Recent studies have identified contaminants in certain turmeric supplements, it may be best to take them through food sources.

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variété d'épices sur une table

Spices and health: 5 tips

Spices have been used to season food, but also to color and preserve it, for a longer period of time. Thanks to their health benefits, they have also been used by various traditional medicines, all over the world, to prevent or treat certain types of diseases.

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Tablée entre amis

Fasting: a major impact on my lifestyle?

However, the clients I speak to about health and healthy weight management don't usually live in the lab, and I will assume that you don't either. In this case, you have the right to ask yourself if it would be beneficial FOR YOU to adopt such an eating practice. Here is some food for thought to help you make your decision.

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bouteille de capsules naturels et plante

Natural products: the opinion of a researcher

Who to believe? There are several aspects to consider, but above all you have to talk about the underlying science. Is it enough to eat well and be active in order to be healthy until the end of our days? What to think of the health benefits of plants that we do not eat? I'll give you my opinion, the opinion of a researcher.

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Assiette déjeuner Keto

A danger is hidden behind the ketogenic diet…?

In recent years, the ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular. Even Google searches have shown it! In 2017, there was a 300% increase in searches related to this subject. However, it is not unanimous.

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vue sur plusieurs types de protéines

Protein Intake: Article 2

In this second article, I will talk to you about what to do to increase protein intake and I will present the products of a Canadian company that I particularly like, in the field of certified organic plant proteins, the company, Nature Zen.

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planète terre qui porte un masque

The chimera and the virus… or the origin of SARS-CoV-2

Specialists have even detected several strains of the virus. Our modern chimera mutates quietly, but inexorably, like all viruses. But what is the origin of SARS-CoV-2? How did it get on Earth? Or rather, how did it come to cause so much trouble to humans?

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capsules naturels sur feuille verte

Natural products: we don’t need that?

Here, I will tell you about the valid reasons to take natural products, among others in the context of Covid-19. Do you think there may be good reasons to take it? Would you like to understand more clearly? Well, I'll tell you about it. I will describe certain considerations in relation to nutrients from food intake, examples of testimonials with their full name, age and region, an angle on the alternatives, the current needs according to Covid-19, and the question in regards to side effects.

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Biographie de Jean-Yves Dionne

A 4th pharmacist joins the Vitoli blog!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to a pharmacist who enjoys exceptional notoriety and credibility in Quebec. Mr. Dionne is recognized as an expert in natural health products (NHPs) and possible interactions with drugs, by many professional organizations in the health field.

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Gros plan sur une mangue coupée en morceaux

Black rice pudding with mangoes in coconut sauce

Did you know that fruits and vegetables with an orange-yellow pigment could contain a molecule with unexpected benefits? This molecule has protective effects for both the brain and eyesight: it is lutein. In addition to vegetables and yellow fruits, many green vegetables also contain it: green peas, broccoli, kale and spinach.

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pharmacienne qui travaille avec un masque

Virus and supplements: the opinion of a pharmacist

In a state of emergency, where many people risk losing their lives, all possibilities should be considered. You have to be open-minded, and try to do an all-round prevention, including the standard hygiene rules recommended by our governments, but also correct known risk factors (smoking, lack of sleep, diet containing too much sugar, etc.), including also recommending the use of certain supplements.

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Sarah Morin TRP

Stay in motion with this new collaborator!

Bachelor in sports intervention and physical rehabilitation therapy, Sarah Morin has worked as a physiotherapy professional in Quebec for almost 10 years. A member of the l’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ), Sarah has and maintains a high level of skills which she updates, in particular through continuing education.

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Sources de protéines

Protein intake: article 1

This is one of the very important facets of eating that I have not yet discussed. However, proteins activate certain mechanisms of primary aging and they play a crucial role in healthy aging. It’s therefore a topic at the center of my concerns to keep people healthy for as long as possible.

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From aristotle to COVID-19

In this beautiful spring afternoon, I calmly rock myself in front of the house. The sun deliciously caresses my skin. I hear the cries of joy from the children playing nearby. My beloved wife prepares the meatballs which I will cook on the BBQ later on. Life is Beautiful. There is only one shadow across the board: the COVID-19 pandemic.

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assiette qui calcul le poids avec des fruits dessus

Fasting article 3: the desired intensity

A recent study shows a greater benefit from physical activity carried out before lunch in obese or overweight men. Improving the use of fat as an energy source is the basis of the benefits identified. Likewise, the use of fat during a fast will depend on the duration of the fast and the level of activity of the person.

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Karaté sportif collaborateur

A desire to inspire others animates this new collaborator

Founder of the Martial Movement program, Marcelin Cantin is president of Groupe Karaté Sportif, whose personal development program is taught in more than 100 schools and daycares in Quebec. With his extensive experience in teaching, he is the author of: "Vérités… des petites aux grandes" and "Ma sécurité, ma liberté"; as well as educational guides: "Sois, le héros de ta vie" and "Découvre l’espion en toi”.

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grand plateau de fruits

Reduce the risk of depression through fruits and vegetables?

In 2019, a Canadian study provided very interesting data related to depression. During this study, 27,162 Canadians aged 45 to 85 were interviewed. The researchers collected data on several variables such as depression (the dependent variable under study), age, marital status, consumption of fruits and vegetables, etc.

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scientifique tenant éprouvette contenant le virus Covid-19

I have a dream…

What day is it? Impasto, lost somewhere in space-time, I tried to remember my dream. Wall? Forest? Everything merges. Bah! Anyway, on this gray and rainy morning, I dream that the scientists will finally find a treatment for COVID-19 so that we can go back to play fútbol (or soccer as it is called here).

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Assiette de saumon avec asperges et citron.

Italian fish cooked in foil

Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly healthy fats, so-called polyunsaturated fats because they contain several unsaturated molecular bonds which give flexibility to the molecule. It is this flexibility that allows better fluidity of cell membranes and better functioning of our cells.

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couple âgé dansant dans la cuisine.

The therapist’s advice during the pandemic

Do you feel that confinement affects your mental health? A little? A lot? Passionately? To insanity?! Let me offer you some of my favorite strategies to help you stay fit, emotionally, during confinement.

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femme tenant son pantalon trop grand.

Insulin, sugars, sugar replacements: good or bad?

No wonder why you are confused about this hormone, which is said to be essential for life, but which can also cause serious problems if it is constantly secreted, and in too large a quantity. This is the paradox of insulin, because it is essential for life, but it can also become a factor in accelerated aging, especially when we talk about insulin resistance.

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La Terre entourée par le COVID-19.

The empire strikes back

The Star Wars theme song. It’s my phone ringing. I really like this saga. Panic! My stepfather just woke up with a temperature of 38.5 degrees Celsius. He's having trouble breathing. At this time, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging everywhere, it is intuitive to think that he is affected.

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plantes dans la terre vu de haut

Natural products: and what if we told you the truth?

Who to believe? It is best not to tell people what to think, but to give them the basics of understanding so that they are able to develop their own opinions based on the facts at hand and not on the opinions of others. It is futile to say that everything is bad or that everything is good; both are wrong.

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Femme avec un masque travaillant à la maison qui est stressée

Are we victims of covid? How can we not be?

Generally speaking, we believe that our stress comes from stressful situations that can occur in our lives. As is currently the case. It’s easy to conclude that all this fight caused by this virus is the cause of the stress that we feel.

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masque pour le visage fait à la main

Homemade cloth masks!

There are actually a few methods to make your own homemade mask and help reduce the spread of Coronavirus: Covid-19. We took the time to share this article and to take the images from the CDC website so that the information was quickly available to more people. This article shows you how to properly install a mask on your face and presents different ways to DIY your own mask from home.

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Covid-19 avec map du monde en arrière-plan.

An excellent virus

In his famous number "L’argent" presented in 1969, Yvon Deschamps said that it was better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. He was never as right as he was right now. This COVID-19 pandemic is really giving us a sense of “Back to the Future”. The last time we fought an enemy like that was a long time ago in the eighteen hundreds...

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Femme portant un masque et utilisant un désinfectant pour les mains.

My mother and SARS-CoV-2

My mother always said that "little beasts don't eat big ones". It is true, but since the beginning of the year 2020, especially since the end of February as far as our western regions are concerned, invisible organisms have put mankind to their knees.

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plusieurs grains d'orge sur une table

Barley risotto and mushrooms with a touch of spinach

Whole grains have multiple health benefits. They help reduce cardiovascular risk, metabolic syndrome problems, lower blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk of cancer. With all of these benefits attributed, they are a central ingredient for healthy aging.

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horloge dans une assiette avec des ustensiles

Fasting article 2: metabolic changes and resistance

Why does starving yourself have beneficial metabolic effects? Why could this increase our health longevity and prevent important illnesses?

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couple de personnes âgées qui jouent aux cartes

COVID-19: A guide to containment

This guide is particularly suitable for older people, but families will also find useful information here. It is a duty for everyone to ensure the well-being of our seniors during this pandemic.

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femme en position de yoga avec une assiette de fruits

When yoga makes its place at the table!

Over the course of my yoga training, this became obvious: practicing yoga in its broad sense necessarily leads to eating in a more intuitive and conscious way!

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Sleeping women with some products

Vitoli Energy: for difficult times

Need a little energy, without increasing your stress? Here is a product that increases your energy level while improving your state of mind. You've probably already noticed that when you are stressed and/or have accumulated fatigue, coffee does not seem to help much, at least not for long.

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Pharmacienne qui vérifie une ordonnace à l'ordinateur.

Coronavirus COVID-19: recommendations from a pharmacist

[...] (1) participate in the efforts in keeping the population well informed, (2) to prevent a panic from reducing the effectiveness of the preventative measures announced and (3) to establish new recommendations concerning visits to pharmacies and the renewal of prescriptions. Here is a summary of these three points.

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femme ajustant un masque de santé.

Coronavirus and Stress: Everything You Need to Know

This is, of course, easier said than done. Here are some explanations that can help you understand why stress reduces the efficiency of the immune system and some tips to help you better cope with the current situation.

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assiette de salade avec une pomme et un ruban à mesurer

Fasting, article 1: the biological basics of reflection

Food is always a subject of choice for our books in Quebec and for our health. It is a source of comfort, pleasure and nutrition (or not). But what about the subject of fasting? The pleasure of not eating? The benefits of having no nutritional intake?

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quercetin foods

Quercetin and coronavirus: eat it if you are interested!

In the past few weeks, quercetin has been presented as a drug that could help fight the coronavirus. This is very interesting news, but the most interesting is that you can eat it every day, in a wide variety of vegetables.

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couple qui boit du thé en souriant

New technologies in Dentistry

Constantly evolving, technological advances in the health sector offer new methods and new treatments that are more effective and suitable for everyone.

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médecin qui écoute le coeur de sa patiente

The heart, this incredible machine!

The only muscle in our body that never rests. What an extraordinary phenomenon when you think about it. It beats for the majority of people, more than once per second on average, throughout our lives.

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homme âgés souffrant de démangeaisons

Demystifying shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN)

Did you know that almost 30% of all adults will develop shingles within their lifetime? And did you know that by the age of 85, 50% of the population will be affected?

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couple formant un coeur

For love of the heart

Cardiovascular disease often takes loved ones away from us without any warning. If you had to take a product for prevention, what would it be? Many people ask us about cholesterol, blood pressure and the health of blood vessels. Did you know that there is a product specifically for these aspects?

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bol de soupe au thé vert

Green tea soup, with turkey and vegetables rich in quercetin

Quercetin is a polyphenol, a flavonoid, found in many plants, such as citrus fruits, capers, cocoa, and ginkgo biloba. It is very present in our diet. In fact, it is the most important flavonoid in terms of quantity in human nutrition.

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couple personnes âgées qui fait un casse-tête

Alzheimer’s disease and healthy lifestyles

We mentioned in previous articles (Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Risk Factors for Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease) that healthy lifestyles could significantly reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Here is how these healthy habits can improve our chances of staying healthy longer.

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homme qui perds la mémoire

Risk factors for dementia and alzheimer’s disease

In a recent publication from Harvard University regarding genetic risks and family inheritance, it was mentioned that the presence of a case in the family should not worry us more than that.

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jeune femme qui se sent libre

Stop being dependent on others

Does the call for freedom speak to you? If so, here's a simple trick to get you there!

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dame qui joue au sudoku

Understanding alzheimer’s disease

This is a difficult subject, linked to the fear and the emotional triggers that the mention of this terrible disease can cause. It is still important to understand this disease to better prevent it. Let’s take a moment to learn more about the brain and where this disease comes from.

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pousse de plante

Variable quality of plant extracts from natural products

This is a problem that very few can really explain its reasoning. It is well known that some natural health products do not even contain what is written on its label. This is true, despite the new regulations from Health Canada introduced in 2010.

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différentes sortes de légumineuses

Three bean mediterranean salad

The consumption of legumes is omnipresent in all populations with a high rate of centenarians. This is probably due to their high nutritional quality and the replacement of meat consumption with vegetable proteins.

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Elderly person blowing his nose

Take care of your immune system

We will concentrate, of course, on the immune system during the winter months because of colds and flu. In a previous article (The Immune System and Aging), we discussed the importance of healthy lifestyle habits in keeping an immune system healthy, and able to defend itself well. We will now introduce you to the ingredients of Vitoli® Immunity; a complete formula which contains three high quality plant extracts (echinacea, astragalus and olive), in addition to zinc and vitamin D3.

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An hourglass that represents the lack of time

How to cure the disease “I don’t have time”?

Nowadays, time flies by quickly! Do you feel like you often run out of time for what's important to you? Do you feel in lack of control? Do you feel like your to-do list is just getting longer? Do you often feel tired? If so, you may be suffering from "I have no time".

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Several different drugs falling on a table

Medication: is this normal for your age?

A pharmacist friend recently told me that they had a discussion with their doctor who wanted to prescribe certain medications. His doctor said, "It's normal for your age." The pharmacist in question objected to taking these medications.

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Doctor with his hand on the shoulder of a patient

The prostate (article 3): two recent studies

This is our 3rd article concerning the prostate. The first had described the risk and prevention factors and the second, the symptoms associated with prostate problems. We will now talk about two recent studies dealing with prostate cancer.

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Several healthy dishes on a table

Flavors to discover with this new collaborator

Usually, we introduce you to health professionals who proudly collaborate on the Vitoli blog with their varied expertise. Today we are making an exception to the rule. Here is a great young man with great culinary skills. We would like to introduce you to new and healthier recipes.

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Person having coffee in front of his tablet and his cell

From democracy to prevention

A pharmacist with an exceptional reputation and credibility in Quebec, Mr. Dionne is recognized as an expert in natural health products (NHPs) and possible medication interactions, by many professional organizations in the health field.

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Interlaced elderly couple looking at the horizon

Resveratrol: how to respond to the risk of death!

To date, resveratrol alone has more than 5,000 scientific publications. A recent study concluded that the best alternative to caloric restriction in humans would be to reduce our calorie intake, exercise regularly and consume a dietary supplement of resveratrol.

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Hand outstretched with a DNA image in the hand

Don’t be a slave to your genetics

For the majority of people, DNA represents the ultimate truth: what dictates our chances of being healthy or our risks of disease. The truth is quite different, because our lifestyle influences the reading of our DNA.

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Picture of Patricia Dube

A new collaborator brings color to our blog!

A third pharmacist joins the Vitoli blog as a collaborator. Here is a short presentation of Patricia Dubé, pharmacist and founder of Leadership Santé.

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Olives and small bowl with olive oil

Olive polyphenols and vitoli products – article 2: The benefits

Polyphenols in olives have been known for their multiple health benefits for over 20 years, but it has only been recently that these benefits have been linked to the aging process.

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Aged couple intertwined on the beach

Six ingredients for happiness at retirement

Some retirees seem happy and fulfilled. Others seem unhappy, struggling with depression or anxiety. Are those less fortunate doomed to remain so for the rest of their lives? Of course not!

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Elderly with pain in her hand

September: arthritis month in Canada

September is arthritis month in Canada. We take this opportunity to speak on this important subject that affects 4.6 million Canadians. By 2036, up to 7.5 million Canadians will be affected by arthritis; or one in five. The increase in the number of people affected is of course due to the aging of the population.

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Elderly couple sleeping in a bed

Sleep: your ally for a multitude of health problems

Recent studies have clearly shown that short nights of sleep (less than 5 hours) and long nights (more than 9 hours) are associated with lower longevity. Sleep problems also exacerbate several other health problems.

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Doctor holding the hands of a patient

Longevity medicine: the medicine of tomorrow

What will be the mission of family medicine in Quebec, or more generally, in North America, in the coming years? Biogerontology has made great strides and the pace of discovery is accelerating. Digital technologies and scientific advances are advancing at an incredible speed, in view of the increasingly rapid exchange of information in real time. We are therefore entitled to question the future of medicine, both preventively and curatively.

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Water glass with drugs next to the bed

Stop sleeping pills in 5 steps

Unfortunately, with age, it becomes more difficult to fall asleep due to the decrease in the natural production of melatonin (the sleep hormone which also plays the role as a messenger for cellular repair). It is also more difficult to stay asleep or achieve a deep restful sleep due to stress and anxiety. Several other reasons can be involved: taking medication, phase shift in the circadian cycle, psychological problems and other health conditions such as pain.

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Four bottles of Vitoli products on a piano

Richard Abel trusts Vitoli

Before presenting his personal experience with several of the Vitoli products, let's take a few moments to introduce Mr. Abel. Richard Abel is an internationally renowned Quebec pianist. He is the recipient of 5 Félix awards, including 2 from his Christmas albums ("Best Instrumental Album of the Year" category), 6 Gold discs, 2 Platinum discs, and 3 Platinum DVDs.

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Three bottles of Vitoli products on a desk

Luc Vigneault trusted Vitoli to stop his sleeping pills

Luc Vigneault is known and appreciated by the public both for the boundless energy he gives off and for his modest tendencies and his humor. Suffering from schizophrenia, drug addiction, depression and various chronic physical disorders, Mr. Vigneault succeeded in what many thought unfeasible: taking charge of his life despite his illnesses.

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An elephant with a mouse on his trunk

Olive polyphenols and Vitoli products – article 1: primary aging

The announcement of our discoveries with Concordia University on March 5, 2019 aroused a lot of interest. This research on aging, supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, gave rise to the development of Vitoli® products and more particularly, to Vitoli® Healthy Aging.

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Pharmacist talking to a client

Talk to your Pharmacist (article 2)

A 2013 study, on the confidence of Quebecers in different professions, had demonstrated, in response to the question "Do you trust or not...” 92% said that they trusted pharmacists, tied with nurses. Our pharmacists are easily accessible and trusted professionals.

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Pharmacist with a bottle of medicine talking to a client

Talk to your pharmacist (article 1)

Even when using natural products, it's still important to talk to your pharmacist and here's why.

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Person having coffee in front of his computer

Reflections from an old pharmacist…

I am celebrating my 40th birthday as a pharmacist owner this year. Forty years ... It makes you think, and if we are fundamentally and intellectually honest, at the dawn of retirement, we feel this irresistible need to stop, absorb, and analyze with some hindsight, our way of practicing.

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Older person doing a white puzzle

Prevention of dementia and alzheimer’s disease

For this article, we will present the main recommendations of Dr. Antoine Hakim, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, neurologist at the Ottawa Hospital and founder of the Neuroscience Research Institute of the University of the Canadian Capital. Dr. Hakim has numerous distinctions including the appointment of an officer of the Order of Canada.

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Intertwined couple

Oral health: for eating, for cardiovascular health and for alzheimer’s

Oral health is an integral part of healthy lifestyle habits related to aging. This is important for preventing possible teeth issues, but also for our diet, our social life and a large number of health problems. In fact, several recent studies have made links between the presence of infections within the gums and the increased risk of certain diseases.

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Man with pain on his shoulder

Pain, inflammation and health

The inflammatory processes, although necessary, are as closely related to pain as it is for joint problems, tendonitis, muscle inflammation, back pain, sciatic nerve, blackthorn injuries or others. Thus, common anti-inflammatory medications are often used in cases of temporary or chronic pain.

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Close up on an eye of an elderly person

Aging and eye health!

The health of our eyes is very important. Over the past 100 years, human life expectancy has increased by about 25 years, according to Statistics Canada. When we know that visual function in humans is at its peak around the age of 15, we understand that 25 more years (an average life expectancy of around 85 years) make all the difference and it is therefore essential to preserve the health of our eyes.

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Dominoes falling, but a block is retained

Prevention in 2019

Did you know that Chinese doctors aim to keep their patients healthy? It even seems like a matter of honor for them. They are not there to treat sick people, but to keep them healthy. You are probably saying to yourself: "Yes, but our doctors don't have the time for prevention". Here, it's probably the idea of chicken and the egg; if we put more emphasis on prevention, we would have more time to improve the preventive approach.

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