A study led by Barbara Frederickson, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina, revealed that the accumulation of small positive moments provided by pleasant activities and social interactions can, over time, contribute to good health and well-being.

This study shows that the more people have the ability to create pleasure from their daily activities, the more they thrive. This is not naïve optimism, but an evidence-based life strategy, where it is shown that experiencing positive moments on a regular basis contributes to resilience, which protects against stress and depression, while promoting good health.

The prefrontal cortex involved in the management of positive emotions

The ability to reason, linked to this area, allows you to take the necessary step back and avoid plunging into the trap of anxiety, stress and physical exhaustion. The left prefrontal cortex is more recent in the evolution of the nervous system than the right prefrontal cortex.

If we observe the development of the embryo, the fetus, then the infant, we can see that it traces the different stages of evolution. This is why it is not surprising to find that an infant must wait for the later maturation of the left cortex in order to acquire the capacity to relativize their negative emotions.

The hormones secreted by our brain can improve our health

Several studies have revealed that certain hormones secreted by the brain would be beneficial for health (oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin).

The hormone oxytocin, for example, – a powerful anxiolytic – is secreted during gentle sensory stimulation (when someone speaks pleasant words to you), breastfeeding (for infants), tender touch, kissing , orgasm, or in a simpler way, the simple contact of hot water on your skin. Oxytocin is also released, outside of any physical contact, during a pleasant relationship with others, or the simple evocation of being with those we cherish.

Top 10 Positive Emotions

According to Barbara Fredrickson, professor of the Department of Psychology of North Carolina in the USA, positive emotions have great benefits on human beings, making them better as soon as they are activated.

According to the heart of her theory called “expand and build”, she specifies that we can learn to trigger positive emotions, in order to take advantage of the benefits they provide.

These positive emotions are ten in number, and can be activated with simple questions; that of which I will reveal in my next article. Here are the 10 positive emotions:

Joy, fun, gratitude, hope, inspiration, pride, serenity, wonder, curiosity, and love.

In conclusion, we have the power to improve our well-being and promote our development.

What are the actions you can plan to do today in order to truly benefit?


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