Many people ask me for advice regarding fibromyalgia and it is always my pleasure to try to help. Here is an updated and extended version, shared tips over the past year.

It is a disease that can result from many causes and cause a variety of symptoms and problems. First of all, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Do not rely solely on information you find on the internet or from havingsimilar symptoms; you need diagnosis from a medical professional. Among the known causes, there would be cases of excessive pressure of cerebrospinal fluid, cases of neuropathy (peripheral neuropathy, polyneuropathy or autoimmune neuropathy), a neurochemical imbalance (involving glutamate in the brain) and systemic chronic inflammation. Since there are different causative phenotypes (4 well documented), treatments will not have the same effect in people affected by the disease.

Now, if you have already consulted your healthcare professional:

Here is a very interesting article which may have some very useful recommendations :

I also encourage you to read the 3 other articles in the series that you have access to from this link provided. Another advice for fibromyalgia and chronic pain that is worth trying: taking vitamin D. Here is an article that reports the results of a meta-analysis considering 81 studies and more than 50,000 people as well as the 3 other articles :

Also remember that taking omega-3s and having good digestive health can help reduce inflammatory processes and pain.

In addition to dietary changes, a recent study has also shown that sleep is particularly important and has a big impact on the pain thresholds felt. If you are not sleeping well, the first thing is to revise the usual recommendations for sleep. Your doctor or pharmacist can probably provide them for you. You can also write to me, I will send them to you.

About Vitoli products

Four products from the Vitoli product line may be particularly relevant for people with fibromyalgia:

  • Vitoli Healthy Aging : it will reduce your systemic oxidative levels, which could help
    to reduce your pain in a general way. It contains resveratrol, as mentioned in the article, and
    olive polyphenols which are some of the most powerful antioxidants.
  • Vitoli Joints : it is both a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory.
  • Vitoli Sleep : to improve your sleep. Some people prefer this product.
  • Vitoli Stress and Anxiety as a second option for sleep. With sleep having
    important effects on the thresholds of pain, this is an important facet to consider!

I hope this information can be useful to you. I invite you to share them with your friends who would most likely benefit.

Please share with us your experiences.