Unfortunately, the vast majority of men will have problems with inflammation of the prostate. Even today, the symptoms are unrecognized or are considered normal. However, as we age, prevention methods exist. Indeed, inflammation of the prostate affects up to 50% of men aged 50 to 60, 60% of those aged 60 to 70 years, and up to 90% of those aged 80 and over.

A randomized study recently confirmed (Samarinas et al., 2020) that saw palmetto extracts can help reduce age-related inflammation of the prostate. Other studies have already shown the benefits of more complete formulations that also include lycopene and selenium for prostate health (Morgia et al., 2013; Russo et al, 2016). At the same time, an in-depth analysis carried out in men who had a biopsy for inflammation of the prostate, underlines the importance of managing the systemic oxidation that is believed to be correlated with this inflammation.

Vitoli® Prostate is the most complete product on the market and combines saw palmetto, lycopene and selenium, in addition to the powerful antioxidants of olive polyphenols from the Provitol® Complex, exclusive to the Vitoli product line. This unique formula is one of 12 Vitoli products recognized for their high efficiency.

Interestingly, there are several reasons why men are interested in a natural approach like Vitoli® Prostate:

  • The sum of available evidence,
  • The absence of significant side effects,
  • The possibility of using it at the same time as the medication prescribed for this problem (always consult your pharmacist beforehand), and
  • The possibility of using a natural approach instead of chemical substances.

Note also that several risk or prevention factors should be considered. It is better to be well informed so that we can act as soon as possible for our health.

Some testimonials

Here are some testimonials received for Vitoli® Prostate. The testimonials come from men who wrote to us thanking us and we asked them for the right to use them, mentioning their full name, age and region so that they can be identified. These are therefore real testimonials:

  • Before taking Vitoli Prostate, I got up several times at night to urinate. Now I go on with my nights without having to get up. I saw the difference after 3 months. Thank you Vitoli. Michel Houle, 56 years old, Lanaudière.
  • Several years ago, following a routine blood test, my doctor found my PSA level to be too high. He suggested that I see a urologist who noted high inflammation in my prostate. I then had to have a biopsy and luckily, no cancer. But because the PSA level remained so high and my prostate was too large, the urologist had me take medication for a few years to reduce my PSA levels and the size of my prostate. After I stopped taking medication, the urologist warned me that it would be normal with age for my PSA level to rise and my prostate to increase as well. This year, after discussing with Doctor Éric Simard, he advised me to take Vitoli Prostate. Three (3) months after taking Vitoli Prostate, I returned to see my urologist and he was surprised to find that my PSA levels had decreased and that my prostate was in a very good shape, which confused him a bit. He then asked me what had changed in my life and I explained to him that I had taken this natural product. Thank you, Doctor Simard, and thank you Vitoli Prostate. Michel Brunet, 69 years old, Montréal.

In addition to being approved by Health Canada, Vitoli® Prostate is produced in a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, according to the highest industry standards. Don’t take a chance, demand the Vitoli quality.

Claims permitted by Health Canada for Vitoli® Prostate:

  • Helps to support prostate health.
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve the urological symptoms associated with mild to moderate benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Provides antioxidants.





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