When it comes to natural health products, people are very skeptical of the potential effectiveness, and with good reason. What if I told you that Vitoli® products were created by myself, a Quebec researcher (www.esimard.com), with the collaboration of two specialized pharmacists, in order to make more effective products available?

I will elaborate further on how we went about obtaining the best products on the market. I’m going to discuss the following topics:

  1. The selection of plant extracts for each targeted health benefit
  2. Standardization and quality
  3. The combination of complementary mechanisms of action
  4. The presence of the exclusive Provitol® Complex
  5. From a specialized Quebec company

Selection of extracts

From the start, we wanted to create the best product for a given health benefit. We have considered only those benefits for which plant extracts, of good quality and in sufficient quantity, can allow a significant and justifiable effect. Thus, we did not want to consider approaches that were not scientifically valid and sufficiently supported by evidence.

For each benefit considered, we have selected the plant extracts with the most clinical demonstrations and allowing the greatest beneficial effect. This is about promoting science and not the marketing fads created by companies that try to stand out with little scientific evidence. Once the selection was complete, it is important to ensure that it is the right extract, produced in the right way, and in the right amount.

Standardization and quality

Standardization, also called normalization, is the use of the dosage of an active ingredient or a marker. For some plants where the precise active ingredient is known, it can be dosed to ensure its presence in sufficient quantity and thus ensure the effectiveness of the product if the formulation is adequate. For example, for ginkgo biloba, these are glucoflavonoids (24% flavone glycosides) and terpene lactones (6%). For this product, there is therefore a double standardization.

Standardization therefore allows greater efficiency, but also the production of safer products. In addition to confirming the presence of the active molecules, it also helps to confirm more precisely the origin of the extract and to prevent adulteration. In some cases, further analysis is necessary. For example, for Vitoli® Menopause, only one supplier of soy isoflavone agreed to produce the extract that we use because we do not only guarantee the amount of isoflavone like other companies, but the amount of both molecules of active agents which are daïzin and genistein.

The combination of complementary mechanisms of action

In order to offer greater effectiveness, we have paid attention to the possibility that it is justifiable to combine several plant extracts allowing complementary mechanisms of action. However, be careful, this is a very rigorous selection considering that the impact of the complementary mechanism can be significant and that the uses are well supported by the scientific literature. For example, valerian is even more effective in combination with other plant extracts than when used alone, both for sleep and for anxiety. In fact, 8 clinical studies on sleep were positive, as well as 6 clinical studies on anxiety, and a systematic review confirmed this statement compared to clinical studies using the herb alone. That’s why our Vitoli® Stress & Anxiety and Vitoli® Sleep products contain Valerian extracts combined with other premium plant extracts such as L-Theanine, Passionflower and Olive Extracts from the exclusive Provitol® Complex.

The presence of the exclusive Provitol® Complex

Another very important aspect of our approach, in order to develop more effective products, is the presence of the gerosuppressive agents of the exclusive Provitol® Complex in all products. Recent discoveries in the field of cellular longevity clearly demonstrate that it is possible to slow down aging processes in order to reduce the incidence of associated diseases. It is important to remember that Idunn Technologies, the company I created, which markets Vitoli® products, is at the origin of very important discoveries in this field following 7 years of research with Concordia University.

A recent scientific article, published by researchers in Spain and France (de Pablos et al, 2019), states that hydroxytyrosol, the most important of the olive polyphenols, protects against aging via several cellular mechanisms. It is interesting to mention that an extensive analysis of the scientific literature led the European Union to approve a health claim for 5mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives. This is a claim for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease related to blockage of the arteries by oxidized bad cholesterol (known as atherosclerosis). It is on this health claim that we based the dosage of the Provitol® Complex in Vitoli® products.

Thus, in each Vitoli® product, you benefit from the presence of olive polyphenols, at the dose recommended by the European Union, to which are added the plant extracts having the most scientific evidence for each of the targeted applications. Our in-depth knowledge of the field of longevity in health has led us to supplement certain formulas with vitamins and minerals when this contribution was considered significant. For example, Vitoli® Immunity, in addition to containing plant extracts with the best non-specific antiviral effects, also contains zinc and vitamin D3, which are necessary for better health of the immune system.

From a specialized Quebec company

The last important point to consider in choosing a quality product is the company behind it. It is recommended to avoid products for which the producing company is not well identified. In addition, companies specializing in their field are able to formulate specific products that are more effective. It is not enough to use quality ingredients and in the right quantities, it is also necessary to use the right ingredients for the right reasons. Vitoli® products use the ingredients with the most scientific support for each application, always taking into account the particular needs of healthy longevity. Ask for the Vitoli quality!


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