Have you seen the announcements of last Tuesday, March 5, 2019, on our scientific discoveries in the field of aging with Concordia University? (Click here to read the press release) These discoveries present the effects of certain plant extracts to slow aging. On this same subject, here is the 3rd article on our Vitoli® Healthy Aging product (it is advisable to read the first two to understand correctly). Indeed, it is the central product of our product line which has attracted more attention this week, due to its unique composition which can have considerable impacts on your health as you age; so here’s why…

We will explore today the topic about calorie restriction or partial fasting since eating is not a daily challenge of our time, at least not for the majority of people. It is still relevant to remember that a few thousand years ago, yesterday, on the scale of evolution; the human race must certainly have had difficulty eating or had barely enough to eat on a regular basis.

It was most likely that partial fasting and calorie restriction were not a choice, but a constraint. It is certainly also for this reason that the taste of sugar is unanimous. When we were able to eat something sweet, it meant that we had enough energy to grow and reproduce. The ability to detect sweet foods and the interest in eating them in large quantities were therefore survival criteria for the species. This is no longer the case.

The science of recent years has taught us that when the body is at risk of running out of energy, at the limit of its caloric intake to survive (caloric restriction); it then directs all of its energy capacities towards the mechanisms of maintenance and repair. It then stops the energy expenditure for growth; this same energy expenditure causing aging later in our lives (primary aging). Thus, the lack of calories, without causing a nutritional deficit, leads to a slowing down of aging and an improvement of the general state of health. Unfortunately, this is an extremely difficult lifestyle to implement. Clinical studies of calorie restriction were discussed in the article Healthy Aging 2.


Calorie restriction made it possible to understand primary aging and to identify molecules capable of acting on it. Molecules capable of slowing down primary aging are thus called “calorie restriction mimetics”. An expert in the field, Dr. Kirkland, from the Kogod Center on Aging at the Mayo Clinic, recently wrote in his new book “Aging: The Longevity Dividend” (2016): “By targeting the fundamental processes of aging, it will be possible to avoid, prevent, reduce or treat major related diseases, all together, all at once”. Another great American researcher, Matt Kaeberlein from the University of Washington, called this approach “The ultimate preventative medicine” (Healthy aging: The ultimate preventative medicine. Science, 2015 Dec 4; 350 (6265): 1191-3). The molecules which modulate primary aging could make it possible to increase longevity not by prolonging the state of old age, weak or sick, longer, but by merely preserving the biological functions in a state similar to that of a younger organism. It’s about “Living healthier, longer”.

Healthy Aging

So, to age well, to enjoy life longer, it is possible to consume mimetics of calorie restriction. It is for this reason that we created the Vitoli® Healthy Aging product. It contains the best documented ingredients for their beneficial impacts on aging. Resveratrol is a modulator of the proteins responsible for cell repair: sirtuins. The other ingredient, olive polyphenols from the exclusive Provitol® Complex (from patented technology), were selected following a scientific publication by a Spanish research group that classified them as a “gerosuppressant” agent; an aging suppressant.

It is recommended to take Vitoli® Healthy Aging on a daily basis for these preventive effects on aging. This is an important innovation that allows you to enjoy life and those you love for longer.