Natasha Azrak, certified by IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine), is recognized for her passion and above all, her curiosity, which is demonstrated by the number of diversified training courses she has taken! By the year following her graduation from McGill University, she had already completed more than 20 continuing education courses.

She is also certified by the “Wahls Protocol” (a program that supports people with multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases). She also had the honor of being invited by Dr. Terry Wahls to lecture at the Wahls Seminar in 2020.

She is the co-founder of Clinic VI and has the opportunity to practice the functional medicine approach together with Dr. Brouillard, where she developed unique working methods that integrate her values.

She has a real passion for science and is always up to date with the latest research in natural health. She was responsible for selecting more than 300 scientific studies for Dr. Brouillard’s best-selling French book, La santé repensée. She was also a collaborator on her second bestselling book on pain, where she wrote the chapter on nutrition.

She defines health as positive vitality and not just the absence of disease. Whether it is from the very beginning of life (during pregnancy), in pediatrics, adolescence or adulthood, it is never too late to have Vitality! That’s why she’s continually reading new studies, so that she can make the biggest difference in the lives of others. This, along with the inclination and passion for prevention, from the very beginning of life.

Over the years, Natasha’s expertise has been shared in many Quebec media, including several newspapers, magazines and various programs, including short segments, on Global News, the show Les persévérants on RDI, L’Oréal, where She was the spokesperson for the impact of diet on the skin with the Skintervention, and Vichy c’est pour moi campaigns, etc. She also shared her knowledge by giving numerous conferences for Pfizer, the National Bank and other important companies in Quebec.

Natasha is also an international speaker and teaches continuing education at the University of Montreal for health professionals, including doctors. She really has a talent for popularizing her knowledge so that each individual can have lasting changes in their health.
You will be consumed by Natasha’s joie de vivre!