Usually, we introduce you to health professionals who proudly collaborate on the Vitoli blog with their varied expertise. Today we are making an exception to the rule. Here is a great young man with great culinary skills. We would like to introduce you to new and healthier recipes.

This is Picture of JFJean-François Millette. With Dominican, Amerindian and Quebec roots, he specializes and is passionate about typical international cuisine. He learned from his interest and passion for Epicureanism (achieving happiness by satisfying only “natural and necessary” pleasures). During his adolescence, he was fortunate to have friends of various ethnicities. They showed him recipes from their respective countries while demonstrating the importance of presentation of cooked dishes for guests. As a result, Jean-François was lucky to know all kinds of food markets and the many ways to cook.

Subsequently, he completed his training as an international cook from the readings of cookbooks from various cultures. Here are a few. The first is from a world-renowned British chef, Gordon Ramsay. He was his mentor to refine his knowledge in international cuisine. His favorite: the book “Gordon Ramsay’s world kitchen: Recipes from F-world”. A second recommendation in English would be that by Rachael Ray, “Week in a day; five dishes-one day”. Being aware that our readers are mainly French-speaking, Jean-François has selected two others from his choice of books. He recommends, “Amuse-gueules autour du monde “by Antoine Sicotte and one last favorite from the famous grill master “Steven Raichlen”, “Planète barbecue: 235 recettes-60 pays “. Steven Raichlen is American, but many volumes have been translated in French.

Jean-François also has suggested websites. They are valuable tools that act as a search engine encompassing hundreds of sites. Two are English; and and a French site:

He can therefore concoct typical international dishes for you. He joins the Vitoli blog to share simplified epicurean recipes. Jean-François will take care to choose foods to which a large number of benefits are attributed to them for healthy aging. Do not hesitate to write him what you would like as a recipe in the comments below.