Since infancy, Vicky has always been fascinated with medicine, health and nature. She was always immensely active when it came to enriching her community, as she considered it her duty to cultivate her talents and help others. Ranging from planting trees all over Montreal with the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF), to cooking and feeding the needy with the SGM Grey Nuns Sisters of Charity of Montreal, to helping the exotic animals at Montreal’s SPCA (awarded membership of the Gandhi Club in 2013),Vicky demonstrates sheer dedication to her community . In 2017, she worked for The Champions for Life Foundation (sponsored by The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation), to inspire young children to remain active and understand all matters related to physical literacy.

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She pursued her studies at Concordia University, specializing in Cell & Molecular Biology. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, it became very difficult in finding the proper research that reflected her interests as well as morals. In 2014, she finally got on board with a lab that specialized in longevity where she is currently co-author of seven highly esteemed scientific publications. When she joined the laboratory, she was given a new project which collaborated with a new company which specifically targeted the link between longevity and natural plant extracts, the company to which the blog is attributed to; Idunn Technologies/Vitoli.

It didn’t take long before discoveries were made from these natural extracts, enabling the research to translate into the quality natural products of the Vitoli product line. Her life’s dream came to fruition in her research where preventive approaches could finally be understood on a molecular level and applied to everyday life. Yet, in all that splendor, she found something was lacking to bridge the field of science and nature.

It was in 2017 that Vicky attended the 13th International Herb Symposium in Massachusetts. Here, professionals ranging from herAffiche pour le congrès des herbes au Massachussettsbalists, to spiritualists, to medical practitioners, and veterinarians, met for the sole reason to attend conferences based on current research and concepts within the natural herbal domain. It was stated in one of the conferences that the rational scientific person looks at the pharmacopeia and reflects on the lists of what each herb is good for, but doesn’t consider the plant as an actual living entity; “We don’t meet someone for the first time and ask them what they are good for, so why do we do that to plants?! … We need to show more gratitude and understanding for these natural entities in order to consider ourselves proper practitioners, because only then, can we make a sustainable and concrete relationship with the ailments of our patients and the health associations between that of plants”. This conference was not only educational for Vicky, but inspiring towards the many possibilities at hand!

After having completed her research, instead of pursuing her PhD, she decided to walk her own path within her studies learning the different holistic practices for overall health and longevity. Ranging from the energy practices of Reiki (GM), to Master of Herbalism, to Aromatherapy, to Nutritional Consulting; all in the pursuit towards obtaining her ND in Quebec. In 2018 she opened her own business to eventually use as her naturopathic establishment once her studies were to be fully completed.

“The problem with today’s society is the concept of time as being an excuse; “I don’t have enough time to take care of myself!”. We focus our attention on our careers, relationships, and goals, but the one fundamental element lacking in this equation is the relationship with the self. Most of us choose to dismiss the small signs that may indicate any imbalance of wellbeing, rather it be physical, mental, or psychological. As time goes on, the issue accumulates and manifests as an illness; prevention and self-awareness are usually overlooked. How is it that we focus all our hard work into our goals and our relationships, yet put little effort into ourselves? We put a “bandage” to mask the problem in the hope that it will go away and continue on with our other priorities.” This was her main concern when approaching preventive medicines and educating others in regards to overall health. Although she worked in the past with Idunn Technologies/Vitoli on specialized projects, as of the year 2020, she officially joined our team to help bring momentum towards prevention approaches across Canada.

She has now come full-circle, trying to expand her knowledge and educate society on all matters related to health and wellbeing; “I look forward to bringing my knowledge and credentials to the Vitoli Team to make a positive impact in our communities to sustain health through prevention and awareness modalities. Stemming from local communities, to eliciting a world-wide change. Who knows where the field of longevity will take us!”