It is our pleasure to introduce you to a pharmacist who enjoys exceptional notoriety and credibility in Quebec. Mr. Dionne is recognized as an expert in natural health products (NHPs) and possible interactions with drugs, by many professional organizations in the health field.

A valued speaker, popular scientist and teacher, he won the Pharmacist of Heart and Action award in the Health and Society category. He also received the Aventis Pharma Prize for his exceptional contribution to teaching in the course of Phytotherapy and natural health products which he gave at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal. He teaches at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Laval University, in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Montreal and in continuing medical education “Developing expertise in natural health products” at the Académie de l’Apothecaire (www. and (French only)).

A few words from Mr. Dionne

For many, I have become the reference in health because of my unique expertise. My fields of interest cover the use of substances with therapeutic aims: medicinal plants, vitamins, medications and others; as well as complementary approaches: nutrition, acupuncture, physical activity, aromatherapy, stress management, etc. Basically, everything that can have an impact on health. My strength: integrate these different approaches to permit intelligent and informed use.

Medicinal plants: all ineffective?

My journey begins well before my training in pharmacy, with a marked interest in medicinal plants. Which came to my surprise when, at university, my professor of pharmacognosy (plant chemistry) said from the top of his podium that all plants and their extracts are sub-therapeutic (therefore ineffective)! However, if I take too much coffee … I get insomnia! If I take one glass too many of wine … I’m tipsy! Several medications, including Coumadin® (warfarin, medicine for the heart), are natural substances … It was enough for me to register this as fictitious!

Communicator, consultant, health coach, etc.

Today, I no longer work in pharmacies, but I am still a member of the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec and I work part-time for a FMG (Family Medicine Group). I keep searching, sifting through publications, asking questions that some people don’t want to hear. I now define myself first as a communicator, because that’s what I really do, and then as a pharmacist and an expert in natural health products (NHP) and integrative health. I work as a speaker, trainer, researcher, documentalist, editor, health coach and advisor in the field of health and NHPs in the broadest sense possible.

Building bridges

To me, it is obvious that traditional approaches and Western medicine are part of a therapeutic continuum. Despite the gap between these two types of approaches, there is good on both sides; they complement each other. This is why I have made it my mission to build bridges and broaden the understanding of complementary therapeutic tools. It is in this personal approach that my collaboration in this blog takes part. The more of us who openly collaborate as professionals, the more we will be able to maximize the benefits for the entire population.


Good reading,

Jean-Yves Dionne, your eclectic apothecary

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