Recently, we introduced to you several health professionals who joined us to collaborate on the Vitoli Blog, by writing informative texts on health in general. Many of them being specialists in a field more specifically related to physical health, we thought it best not to forget mental and emotional health. We are therefore very happy to present to you Stéphane Migneault, a very experienced psychologist, who will be able to give you the best advice, for a perfect combination of “a healthy spirit in a healthy body” as we say all too well!

Stéphane Migneault is a psychologist, speaker, trainer and author. He has been practicing psychotherapy for more than a dozen years in a private office in Quebec. Its clientele consists mainly of workers struggling with difficulties such as exhaustion, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, phobias and post-traumatic stress. He had the chance to collaborate with the SAAQ, the CSST and the IVAC as well as with employee assistance programs (EAP) in psychotherapy mandates. Eager to promote psychological health and prevent mental health problems, he leads conferences and workshops in private companies and non-profit organizations. His conferences and workshops cover a variety of subjects: insomnia, stress and anxiety management, work communication, self-motivation, adaptation to night shifts, intervention with employees in difficult situations, etc. A few times a year, he teaches EMT, a short-term therapy technique, to mental health professionals: psychologists, social workers, sexologists, psychoeducators, and guidance counselors. In 2008, he gave the course “Human Communication Process” as a lecturer at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. As a speaker and trainer, he is appreciated for his simplicity, his ability to popularize the concepts and the usefulness of the advice he provides.

His mission is to help people improve their emotional health so that they can better fulfill their personal or professional mission.

You can contact him either by email at or visit his website (French Only).

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