Véronique Bourbeau is a certified naturopath who graduated from the Naturopathic Science Teaching Institute, and is a clinical herbalist who graduated from the renowned Canadian Academy of Phytotherapy. She has over 20 years of education, teaching and giving her services as a consultant in global health.

Since the majority of diseases find their etiology in a complex network of genetic susceptibility, environmental influences, food choices and lifestyle, Véronique remains convinced that the most effective treatment regimen resides logically in a multidisciplinary approach. Convinced that wealth emerges from the union of forces, she works actively for the implementation of a more integrative approach to health in Quebec. Rich in her scientific background and her clinical experience, she skillfully combines traditional knowledge with advances in modern science. Recognized for her professional rigor and her great respect for the medical profession, Véronique works regularly with various stakeholders in the medical profession.

A lifelong student, she regularly adds multiple training courses to her career, including studies in metabolic biochemistry, genetics, immunology, cell biology, oncology, organic chemistry, medical anthropology. As a teacher, she is responsible for transmitting her knowledge to future naturopaths (EESNQ, IESN) in clinical endocrinology, biomedical analyzes, cardiovascular nutritherapy, integrative oncology and botanical medicine.

Passionate about ethnopharmacology, she participated in and coordinated several international expeditions and internships during which she stayed all over the world over a period of more than 10 years. In 2002, she founded Terra Medica, a humanitarian organization working in education, health promotion and the establishment of ethnomedicine clinics in southern countries. For more than 20 years now, she has been providing health training to hundreds of international aid workers as part of the government program Québec Sans Frontières.

Appreciated popularizer, she has collaborated in numerous written publications in (the book, Santé! And the book La Beauté), Vive magazine, Vitalité Québec magazine, Journal de Montréal, has participated in several radio programs (Un vent Outre et Folie Douce) and web segments with Jacynthe René. Véronique is also a speaker at various institutions: Fondation canadienne des Tumeurs cérébrales Université de Sherbrooke, Relais pour la Vie, Maison Gilles Carles, Oasis Santé Mentale, Pénitencier fédéral de Cowansville, and others.

As a consultant, she has been practicing in a private office in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu for 25 years, in addition to having founded the Clinique Intégrative du Haut-Richelieu there in 2018. She specializes in hormonal balance and gives support for those facing Cancer. Convinced that the value, relevance and effectiveness of her interventions lie in her understanding of physiology and biochemistry, she offers a highly regarded health education service.

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www.cliniqueintegrative.com (French Only)

veroniquebourbeau@yahoo.ca (French Only)

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