Vitoli products were developed by a Quebec researcher in collaboration with two specialized pharmacists in order to offer more effective, higher quality and safer products. Vitoli® Joints is a good example.

It contains only 2 ingredients: a very high-quality extract of devil’s claw (a double standardization) and the exclusive Provitol® Complex (powerful antioxidants; olive polyphenols). Note that the ingredients of Vitoli products are always selected for complementary actions, but each ingredient is in the dose necessary to allow effectiveness.

The doses of the ingredients in Vitoli® Joints are based on well-established scientific evidence. For devil’s claw, the dose used was determined by a systematic analysis of the scientific literature from 12 clinical studies. This analysis was carried out by a researcher in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Gagnier and collaborators (2004) confirmed the quantities of active molecules necessary to have significant effects on pain related to osteoarthritis or non-specific back pain. For the olive polyphenols in the Provitol® Complex exclusive to Vitoli products, this is the dose recommended by the European Union for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease related to atherosclerosis. This is an equivalent dose to the consumption of olive polyphenols within the Mediterranean diet.

It is interesting to note that devil’s claw is also a medicinal plant which has accumulated several positive clinical studies of equivalence compared to that of drugs; clinical studies in which they compared the effectiveness of natural extracts to commonly used drugs. It is recognized both as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory.

It is the safest and most potent natural anti-inflammatory. A systematic review examining the safety of using quality devil’s claw extracts concluded that there was no risk based on 28 clinical studies, 20 of which reported similar side effects to the use of placebos (about 3%, mainly digestive discomfort). It goes without saying that to assert that there is no study in the field of natural health products can demonstrate a certain lack of knowledge on the subject as well as a poor opinion of the field which can conclude in de false claims.

Some testimonials

Here are some testimonials from the “Testimonial” section of the Vitoli website. These are people who wrote to us to thank us and we asked them if we could use their testimonial by mentioning their full name, age and region to show that these are real people:

  • This is my third month using Vitoli Joints. In the past two weeks, I have made two climbs at Parc de la Gaspésie, Mount Richardson and Mount Jacques Cartier. This would not have been possible before, since I had to give up mountain biking six years ago and road biking two years ago due to severe pain in my right knee, from wear and tear. According to the doctor, this pain prevented me from even taking my daily walks between 8 and 10 km. I was reduced to two or three 5 km runs per week, but taking Vitoli Joints seems to have given me a second chance. In my case, it’s almost a second life. Michel Langis, 67 years old, from Bas-St-Laurent.
  • My pharmacist suggested Vitoli to me because they are natural products. For 2 months, I have been using Vitoli Joints. I have seen great improvement in my osteoarthritis. Despite my age, I am very active and now I can climb the stairs, which was very difficult for me before. In addition, for the past week I have been using Vitoli Sleep. Sleeping without waking up every hour because of the pain, is now only a memory. It’s fabulous! Thank you Vitoli. Hélène Duguay, 75 years old, from Montérégie.
  • I learned about Vitoli products from my pharmacist. I suffered so much and received four injections every quarter of the month. There have been no more injections for several months now. I’m taking Vitoli Joints for my osteoarthritis problems. No more osteoarthritis attacks and I had a walker that I haven’t used since. I’m glad I learned about these products from the pharmacist. Thank you Vitoli! Céline Bégin Marois, 71 years old, from Lévis.
  • A year ago, I started weight training exercises. However, the pain in my shoulder joints and especially in my elbows forced me to slow down my training. The pain was permanent and persistent. Then one day, I was introduced to the product “Vitoli Joints”. So I decided to take one capsule per day of “Vitoli Joints”; and after about ten days my condition improved a lot. Then after 2 weeks, I increased the pace of my training and my joint pain disappeared. I am very happy about it. Thank you. Michel Paquet, 70 years old, from Saint-Sauveur.
  • I have been using Vitoli Joints for a little over a month and I no longer have back and shoulder pain, but the most important thing is that I have regained the use of my right hand with which I was no longer able to open small containers. Thank you Vitoli! Chantal Boulianne, 64 years old, from Lac-Saint-Jean.

Claims permitted by Health Canada for Vitoli® Joints:

  • Helps relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis during herbal medicine treatments.
  • Provides antioxidants.



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  • Gagnier JJ, Chrubasik S, Manheimer E. Harpgophytum procumbens for osteoarthritis and low back pain: a systematic review. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2004 Sep 15;4:13.