Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome now recognized by the World Health Organization, affects 2 to 3.3% of the population, 90% of which are women. Causing a variety of symptoms, this physical condition can be very disabling for those affected by it.

Fortunately, there is hope! Research shows optimistic results and some natural solutions can improve the daily life of these people. Recently, we were also greatly touched by the testimonial of a lady who was so affected by fibromyalgia that she considered physician-assisted suicide. We will now let you discover her story as well as the way in which she found a better quality of life.

Testimonial of Mrs. Denise Tapp, 66 years old from Saint-Sulpice

I am Denise Tapp, 66 years old from Saint-Sulpice; now resurrected. I have come from far, very far. I am writing to you because, in my opinion, since it has saved me, it is possible to save the lives of other people. Here is my story.

In the fall of 2018, I thought I was doing relatively well except for some upper back pain that sometimes radiated through my chest at night. I thought this was due to the fact that I wrote a lot (being the author of a few books and CDs). My physiotherapist was giving me treatments and so was the massage therapist. It helped me a bit. However, a heart attack presented itself around 1:00 pm at the end of December 2018. Quite a surprise.

Emergency admission to the hospital and after several examinations, I was informed that I had to have five bypass surgeries and two undergrafts done. They performed emergency surgery in the middle of the night, where my heart was only working at 30% capacity. The surgery took place on January 4th, 2019 and was supposed to last eight hours, but after six hours of surgery, my heart stopped, and the team had to return to work two days later. So, two major surgeries in two days. Lots of complications arose during the first surgery and after that I was hooked up everywhere. I was eleven days unconscious and intubated. I was supposed to be unplugged, but a scan confirmed that I had no significant sequelae and I was left plugged in. In all, 3 weeks of intubation and pneumonia as a bonus. A month in the hospital, a month in a rehabilitation center, and the rest at home.

Statins were a part of my life for a few months, but there came a time when I couldn’t tolerate them at all. I had excruciating pain all over my body. When I stopped the statins, I had almost no pain. I was in such bad shape, in addition to being very intolerant to drugs, that my cardiologist at the time gave me little time to live.

I changed my cardiologist who then found medication that I tolerated better and that helped my heart. Months went by, when I started having pain again, digestive difficulties alongside my body burning everywhere, more and more, every day. Sometimes at night, something unusual would wake me up: it was something moving in my brain. Like someone was playing in it. I thought I had a tumor.

I then got lots of acne all over my body. It occurred to me that it may have been fibromyalgia. After much research, I eliminated gluten while reducing sugar from my diet. It helped me, but it wasn’t enough.

November 2020 hit me hard. I spent my days and nights lying down in pain. Accompanied by my son, I still managed to get to the clinic and mention to the doctor that I thought I had fibromyalgia. After several tests, it was confirmed. I was in so much pain that I thought about seeking medical assistance in dying. I didn’t see any other options at the time. I could no longer work, write or go out, nothing. I survived. The doctor prescribed medicine for me that helped, but it was still not enough. I couldn’t even do my daily walks anymore. Going up the stairs was agonizing, it burned all over my body. I went back to see a doctor and my medication was doubled. But, that put me to sleep too much. I was yet again, still in great pain, and constantly sleepy.

Being a hypnotherapist, I recorded hypnosis sessions for myself. It helped me, but not enough. Yet I had previously helped clients with fibromyalgia. I was still missing something to get better, but what? Continuing my research, I discovered that there are many causes of fibromyalgia, so more than a possible cure, if you can put it that way. Hypnosis helps deal with emotions and traumas, but in my case there was something else too, but what?

One beautiful Sunday afternoon (March 21, 2021), on Facebook, I saw the Vitoli ad. It intrigued me. I went to visit their site, watched videos of Eric Simard, doctor of biology and researcher, and read several testimonials. A lady spoke about her experience with Vitoli® Joints and Healthy Aging. Right away, I went to get these products at the pharmacy and thus began one of the most beautiful journeys of my life: the return to health, to very good health.

Since then, every evening, I welcome Vitoli into my body: Healthy Aging and Joints. From the day after the first dose, I saw a positive change and each day made me feel even more comfortable and at ease. Finally! It felt like my body stopped burning in sections. Some parts were more affected than others and took longer to heal.

Since taking Vitoli I have been doing much better. Almost no more pain, in fact it continues to decrease as the days go by and the burning all over the body is gone. I also noticed that I had other drawbacks related to fibromyalgia which are no longer present since I took Vitoli: small sinusitis without explanation, the brain fog, no more AF (atrial fibrillation), my brain doesn’t wake me up at night anymore because it doesn’t move like before (probably it was due to inflammation), generalized weakness, dizziness, big unexplained chills, blue lips, white fingers and toes from poor circulation, I limped with my right leg …

In the first week, these inconveniences went away and did not come back.

I also added Vitoli® Cardiovascular on April 4th. I put all the odds on my side.

I found a better quality of life. The fibromyalgia also affected my concentration which was very detrimental. After only a few days of Vitoli my brain was doing wonderfully and the rest of my body was 90% better. I managed to finalize (with great ease) my manuscript L’amour avec un grand cœur (350 pages) before sending it to print. Quite a feat in a very short time.

I was doing so well that on April 5th I started doing my daily walks again and am writing two more books.

Thank you to the whole Vitoli team. Vitoli, it changes lives!

Comments by Eric Simard (doctor of biology and researcher) behind the Vitoli products:

The large number of positive testimonials we have received over the past few years call for attention. We will scientifically document clinical cases that will be able to establish the criteria for a new study to be carried out. Vitoli® Joints is evidence-based and approved by Health Canada for pain associated with osteoarthritis. We may have discovered a way to enhance this natural approach to chronic pain by adding a specific ingredient. In many cases, fibromyalgia may have been caused by pain associated with osteoarthritis. We cannot yet speak of a new application, but of a new hope in research to bring relief to people with the disease and allow them to find a better life.

We want to thank Ms. Denise Tapp for agreeing to share her personal experience with us. Hopefully this might help other people with fibromyalgia. If you have any questions, please write to us directly at




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