Researcher Éric Simard explains…

Biologically speaking, we start to age more seriously from the age of 35”, he explains.

Are you scared of needles or certain anti-aging products? Good news! By eating healthily, we can rejuvenate, gain vitality and, above all, do so in good health. Author, speaker, and doctor in biology, Éric Simard describes four ways to act against aging through diet.

Avoid sugar

Sugar stimulates the body’s ability to age”, says Dr. Simard. Be careful, however, not to mix complex sugars (cereals or pasta, for example) and free sugars (brown sugar, refined sugar, maple syrup, honey, as well as all the variations of sugars in processed foods). Basically, that means cooking as much as possible and stepping away from the desserts, junk food, and ultra-processed foods of the industry. It’s not that rocket science, right?

Eat more plants and vary the colors!

Long before Canada’s Food Guide had its makeover, Eric Simard spoke in his lectures about the importance of a plate well stocked with plants. “I said to aim for 50% in vegetables, always considering a variety of colors, a quarter in whole grains and the other quarter in vegetable proteins or, if not, fish, seafood or eggs, and lastly, in the order, white, pink, then red meats”, he explains, specifying that red meats should be eaten in small portions (each of which can fit in the palm of your hand, he says) and only a few times a month. “These are the essential foods of the hundred-year-old populations and it is not very complicated to apply. Develop your reflex to eat a lot of vegetables”, he advises us.

Increase your consumption of whole grains

Whole grains are “terribly important”, argues the scientist. “A recent study, published in January 2019, reports analyzes of the World Health Organization data from 51 countries on cardiovascular deaths attributable to an unbalanced diet (in order of importance [Meier T. et al., 2019 ])”, He wrote on the blog of, comparing the deaths related to a diet low in whole grains (429,000 deaths) versus those due to a diet low in nuts and seeds (341,000 deaths), or in fruit (262,000), high in sodium (251,000), or low in omega-3 (227,000 deaths). Improving your meals by adding whole grains therefore has a major impact on health. In summary, if you are currently following a Paleolithic diet, you may need to question it…

Add olive polyphenols and resveratrol

Uh, sorry? Explain it to us, doctor. These are in fact the two groups of molecules that have been shown to be the most effective in fighting the effects of aging. The former comes from olives and their oil, while the latter is found in red grapes, chocolate, blackberries, rhubarb, peanuts, berries, and pomegranate. Too many foods to incorporate into your new diet? Look to Vitoli products, developed by Éric Simard and his team at Idunn Technologies, which contain all the elements you need.

There are four actions you can take to act against aging: eat healthy, of course, be physically active, manage stress well, and have a dynamic and engaging social life. To this, must be added, the fact of being positive, which is a facilitating factor, according to doctor in biology, Éric Simard.

Genetics only explain 15 to 25% of human aging; 75 to 85% are lifestyle habits”, said Éric Simard in an interview with Denis Lévesque.

In 1935, Clive M. McCay discovered calorie restriction. He showed that by reducing the daily calorie consumption by 30%, a living organism could increase its lifespan by 30 to 50%. (Source:

Is it too late?

Can it be too late to embark on an anti-aging fight, especially when you know that the body’s aging process begins at the age of 35? “No, it’s never too late”, Mr. Simard reassures us. “People in their 70s have been seen to have very significant regressions on all health parameters, including their physical appearance”. Let us remain optimistic!


“I felt rejuvenated. My energy from 15-20 years ago has returned”, Marisol (56 years old)

Marisol Robles, a native of Chile, chose to live in Quebec, 26 winters ago. She calculates the years like this because she loves the winter season, even though it is the few months when her fibromyalgia pains are more intense. At the end of the call, the energetic woman told us about her experience with Vitoli products.

Ms. Robles was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago. She wisely took all the medications prescribed by her doctor, which were found to be effective. However, the daycare educator was struggling to cope with the side effects, because when she had dizziness and nausea, she could not be to her full potential with the toddlers in her care. “I said to myself that I had nothing to lose by trying Vitoli [Joint] products. By the fourth day, I hadn’t felt this good in a long time and by the tenth day, 70% of my pain was gone”, she says, saying she felt 15 to 20 years younger. Considering all the gains, she added other Vitoli products to her daily routine (Healthy Aging and Sleep).

Seven months later, morale high, she claims to have had “a second opportunity at life”. In her pill organizer, there is almost nothing left – pills to help sleep, which she takes half as often! The bill? She pays more than before, considering she no longer has the insurance deductions, since it is not considered a drug. “In fact, I don’t see it as an expense, but rather as an investment in my health”, she concludes.

To lay it all on the line, and end up gaining another 20 to 30 years. “You don’t gain 20 years of illness, but you gain 20 years with the capacities of a 50-year-old”, enthuses Simard.


Written by Manon Rivard and originally published in a magazine by Mag en ligne (French Only):