Before presenting to you his personal experience that allowed him to have a deeper and more restful sleep, let’s take a few moments to introduce Mr. Vigneault.

Photo of Luc VigneaultLuc Vigneault is known and appreciated by the public both for the boundless energy he gives off and for his modest tendencies and his humor. Suffering from schizophrenia, drug addiction, depression and various chronic physical disorders, Mr. Vigneault succeeded in what many thought unfeasible: taking charge of his life despite his illnesses. He founded his own company and works as a Patient-partner for several organizations including Laval University (CERSSPL-UL). He is also an active member of the CAP Rétablissement research team (research on care and third-line services on psychotic disorders).

Self-taught, trainer and international speaker, he was named “favorite interview” in the year of 2013 by Guy A. Lepage on the program “Tout le monde en parle”. He is co-author of the bestseller book: “Je suis une personne, pas une maladie” at Éditions Performance and “Cap sur le rétablissement. Exiger l’excellence dans les soins en santé mentale”.

He also worked as a peer support worker in the Direction des programmes santé mentale et dépendances du Centre intégré universitaire en santé et services sociaux de la Capitale Nationale. His experiential knowledge also led him to be a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University.

Luc Vigneault offers support to public and private organizations in mental and psychological health through training, conferences and accompaniment, based on scientific literature and his experiential knowledge recognized by university standards. Today, he no longer hears voices, but strives to make an impact in order to change perceptions and save lives.

Mr. Vigneault is convinced that medications are useful, that they have their place, but also, that their use must be limited to the essentials. Wishing to stop his sleeping pills, he discovered Vitoli® products:

“I have been taking chemical sleeping pills for four decades, I have taken VITOLI and it works very well for me. I managed to quit my sleeping pills for a natural and effective product. I feel much better when I wake up. I recommend these high-end natural products without hesitation.”

It is of course necessary to consult your pharmacist or doctor before stopping medication. Two articles from the Vitoli® Blog explain the main reasons (Talk to your pharmacist (Article 1) and Talk to your pharmacist (Article 2)). Contact us if you have any questions or would like to be contacted by your pharmacist for more information.

To find out more about Mr. Vigneault or to ask him your questions, you can visit his website: