Playing with your grandchildren, traveling at the age of 90, continuing to enjoy life; isn’t that what everyone wants? Maintaining our capabilities for healthy longevity is an extremely important goal. Know that new cellular mechanisms linked to primary aging have just given new hope in order to facilitate this longevity to enjoy life.

In the mid-2000s, it was possible to search for molecules that could influence these cellular aging processes. Certain natural molecules are capable of slowing down primary aging. They were initially called “calorie restriction mimetics”.

We now call these molecules gerosuppressive agents; from the Greek word “gero” which means aging, and “suppressor” in reference to slowing down the process. This term better represents the objective pursued. The mimicry of calorie restriction was not intended to reduce calorie intake, but to replicate the benefits by slowing down primary aging. This is what other researchers have called “the ultimate preventative medicine“.

In 2013, a Spanish research group used this term to categorize the multiple health benefits of olive polyphenols by linking them to aging processes. A second article, from another research group, confirmed this assertion in 2019 with a very comprehensive literature review (194 references) which summarized the cellular mechanisms, animal models, and clinical studies carried out.

Vitoli® Healthy Aging has been specifically developed to act on aging. We have added resveratrol to the exclusive olive polyphenols of the Provitol® Complex to reflect an important discovery made with Concordia University. Resveratrol is a modulator of the proteins responsible for cellular repair: sirtuins. A recent scientific article reported 244 clinical studies published on this molecule and 27 others were still in progress when it was published in 2019.

Thus, Vitoli® Healthy Aging is a product marketed to help you maintain your abilities as long as possible. It is authorized for sale by Health Canada with the number NPN800633775, along with the claim “Provides antioxidants”.

Some testimonials

Here are some testimonials from the Testimonials section of the Vitoli website. These are people who wrote to us to thank us and we asked them if we could use their testimonial by mentioning their full name, age and region to show that these are real people:

  • I take the products Vitoli Joints and Vitoli Healthy Aging for my fibromyalgia and in caring for my mother of 91 years old. She is in good health and has no serious illness, other than her osteoporosis. Despite that, of course because of her age, she has small pains here and there, where I would run off to the pharmacy for creams like Antiphlogistine or Voltarin. I started, a month ago, to give her Vitoli Joints and Vitoli to Healthy Aging and Vitoli Sleep to sleep. Today I asked her: “Mom, do you still have pain in your back, and legs like before? You don’t ask me more to massage you with the creams?” and she told me: “It’s true!! I have no more pain”. All thanks to Vitoli. She sleeps longer and deeper, and she really doesn’t have any pain, so no more creams. My mother never remembered her dreams, and now she does. Her dream state memory has improved. Her quality of life has improved by far. Thank you very much for your good products. I am your number one fan! Marisol Robles, 56 years old, St-Hyppolite.
  • Amazing!! Antioxidants from resveratrol and olives, of high pharmaceutical quality, created by a doctor in biology having studied aging here in Québec, author of the book Live Young, Longer, thank you Dr. Eric Simard, it’s been 2 weeks that I have taken 1 capsule in the morning and I already see the benefits of Vitoli Healthy Aging! I feel less anxiety, more energy and less tired during the day. Vitoli Sleep is also very good, no drowsiness in the morning from 1 capsule. I take it only if I need it. Sylvie, 59 years old, Vaudreuil.
  • I have been suffering from shoulder and knee pain for over eight years. I tried Jamieson’s “NEM”, collagen, in addition to certain minerals, and the result was not very encouraging! When I saw your Facebook ad and all the more encouraging testimonials, I decided on December 30th, to take Vitoli Joints, Vitoli Healthy Aging and Vitoli Sleep. The results really wowed me, after a week, there was already less pain. After three weeks, I assessed 50% less pain, I sleep better, I started to dream again, things are no longer hard and I started to do my exercises again!!!! I finally got my hands on some great products that really work! Thank you Vitoli!!!!! Céline Séguin, 62 years old, Gatineau.
  • I use Vitoli and I love it. It’s very effective. Thank you! I take Healthy Aging, Sleep, Stress and Anxiety. I’m going to go get Immunity and Joints. Thanks again! Pierrette Smith, 66 years old, Lanaudière.

As with these people, we recommend that you take Vitoli® Healthy Aging every day and supplement it with the product(s) that are most important for your condition. There are 12 Vitoli products, made in Quebec to the highest quality standards, and there won’t be any issue when using multiple products concurrently. While they all contain the olive polyphenols from the exclusive Provitol® Complex, this simply increases their beneficial effects. It is not possible to consume too many olive polyphenols.


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