Natural products are not all created equally. We have already shared an article on the value of natural products to explain this, as well as an article regarding the effectiveness of Vitoli products which allows you for an even better understanding. The Vitoli blog combines a large amount of information and free advice, which is easily accessible to all.

However, in order to allow us to answer questions specific to your situation, we take care to read all your emails or your comments on social media networks and write back in order to keep you informed. We take great pride in making customer service a top priority and we thank you for your trust. We do not hesitate to call on our pharmacist for professional services when necessary. Your messages of thanks are, and always will be, our greatest reward.

Here are some examples of thank you messages received following advice through email or on social media networks. Remember that the Vitoli testimonials, which you will find in large numbers on the website, mention the full names, age and region of each individual, with their agreement, in order to demonstrate that they are real people.


  • Thank you for your good products! I bought Vitoli Sleep on Sunday and that same evening, 1 hour before going to sleep, I took 1 capsule and slept 9 hours without waking up. I have been taking Vitoli Joints for 2 years now. It’s going wonderfully well. I can cross my legs, so this winter I had less trouble putting on my boots. Vitoli, it’s a real miracle! I inquired about another company, but their products are too expensive. Thanks Dr. Simard. I’m almost 81 years old! I don’t take any medication except for my blood pressure. I let go of my anxiety and insomnia medication (Clonazepam and Buspirone). Long live Vitoli products! Thank you. Huguette Marchand, 80 years old, from Montréal.


  • I have been using the product for 1 1/2 months and I no longer have pain in my right shoulder that has haunted me for several years. I have tried many products that have not worked. The only thing that removed pain is Vitoli Joints which is good for osteoarthritis. Thank you Eric, I am so pleased to have known you on FB. Réjean Lelièvre, 60 years old, from Ste-Catherine.


  • My husband is using the Vitoli Joints product since January 2019. He fell on the ice during winter and he had pain in the spinal column. He tried Vitoli Joints and the pain has fully disappeared. Thank you, Dr. Eric Simard, for being there for us and continue your research! I recommend this product to everyone with pain and to improve your health. Françoise Ducharme, 70 years old, from Crabtreee.


  • I’ll come back to you with the results of my Vitoli Stress and Anxiety test. I wrote to you approximately 1 week ago to get more information on this product. The results are beneficial for me: remarkable reduction in my obsessional thoughts in connection with a benign arrhythmia, but I was concerned to the point of developing an obsession (fear of dying, being sick …). The arrhythmias/extrasystoles are much less frequent. Finally I have peace of mind! Thanks again. Lise Bérubé, 70 years old, from Lanaudière Nord.


  • Several years ago, following a routine blood test, my doctor found my PSA level to be too high. He suggested that I see a urologist who noted high inflammation in my prostate. I then had to have a biopsy and luckily, no cancer. But because the PSA level remained so high and my prostate was too large, the urologist had me take medication for a few years to reduce my PSA levels and the size of my prostate. After I stopped taking medication, the urologist warned me that it would be normal with age for my PSA level to rise and my prostate to increase as well. This year, after discussing with Doctor Éric Simard, he advised me to take VITOLI PROSTATE. Three (3) months after taking VITOLI PROSTATE, I returned to see my urologist and he was surprised to find that my PSA levels had decreased and that my prostate was in a very good shape, which confused him a bit. He then asked me what had changed in my life and I explained to him that I had taken this natural product. Thank you Doctor Simard and thank you VITOLI PROSTATE. Michel Brunet, 69 years old, from Montréal.

Do not hesitate to write to us and describe your needs to us. We cannot make a diagnosis or clinical evaluation, but with the description of your needs and the causes, if known, we can recommend products that could help you and also direct you to best use them.

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