Idunn Technologies, Concordia UniversityandTransBIOtechannounce the extension of the research program on primary aging

This cutting-edge research in Quebec will lead to significant  progress in slowing primary aging

By 2040, in the developed countries, nearly 30% of the population will be over the age of 65.

It is estimated that by 2050 Canada will have 49,000 centenarians and Japan, 960,000.

A child born in a developed country during these years has a 50% chance of becoming a centenarian.


(Montreal, May 28, 2018) Idunn Technologies, Concordia University (In Dr Vladimir Titorenko’s laboratory) andTransbiotech (biotechnology research center at Lévis-Lauzon Cegep) are proud to announce the extension of the “Live Healthier – Longer” research program involved in identifying new molecules that can slow the body’s primary aging.

 “Cutting-edge science will allow for the reduction in the incidences of age-related diseases instead of having to try treating them once they have fully developed. This is the possibility for healthy aging; preserving our abilities to be able to enjoy life,” says Éric Simard, PhD in biology, president of Idunn Technologies.

 A program with promising developments

The program, in effect since 2013, aims to identify new modulators of primary aging (which can slow aging), understanding the mechanisms of action involved and identifying potential applications related to diseases associated with aging.

 The three-year program extension (worth more than $500,000), supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), will further investigate the impact of the first 6 modulators discovered in 2016 (patents pending), as well as the mechanisms of action of several others discovered in 2017, which have not yet been made public.

 The collaboration of the three partners maximizes the strengths of each: Idunn Technologies provides specific natural extracts that have already led to the identification of the best modulators of primary aging; Concordia University has study models to identify the mechanisms of action involved in slowing down aging or increasing the body’s repair capabilities, and Transbiotech has state-of-the-art purification and analysis facilities that identify the best relevant natural molecules as well as the verification of their bioactivity.

 About the research on aging

This research has great potential for growth and, as Dr. James L. Kirkland, Director of Mayo Clinic’s “Kogod Center on Aging” points out: “By targeting the fundamental processes of aging, it will be possible to push back, prevent, reduce or treat the major related diseases, all together, in one fell swoop” – excerpt from Aging : The Longevity Dividend, 2016.

 Note that these findings were quoted in a New York Times article of February 1, 2016, and reported on the considerable economic impact that this approach could generate.

 In the same year, in March 2016, Dr. Titorenko’s lab, in collaboration with Idunn Technologies, already announced major discoveries published in ONCOTARGET, a prestigious scientific journal specializing in aging : Discovery of plant extracts that greatly delay yeast chronological aging . In September of the same year, in this same specialized journal, a second publication confirmed the main mechanisms of action involved :  Six new groups of molecules could be the key to delaying aging.

 The leading American scholar, Dr. Matt Kaeberlein of the University of Washington, had already published, at the end of 2015, in the prestigious scientific journal SCIENCE, Healthy aging: The ultimate preventative medicine (Healthy aging: The ultimate preventative medicine. 2015 Dec 4, 350 (6265): 1191-3). The ultimate preventative medicine, noted by Dr. Kaeberlein, is aimed at the goal of the Quebec research program: to slow primary aging.

 About Idunn Technologies and Dr. Éric Simard

Founded in 2013 by Éric Simard, Idunn Technologies specializes in the discovery, development and commercialization of high value-added products in the sector of healthy aging.

Dr. Simard, PhD in Biology, is the Chair of the Advisory Committee of the NSERC Quebec Office, and a member of the Council of Ministers’ Committee on Ethics in Science and Technology. He has published two books, in collaboration with 5 other health professionals: Dr. Esther Millette, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Francine Gervais, Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology, Researcher in the Alzheimer’s Domain , Jean-Yves Dionne and André Perreault, pharmacists, and Jacques Lambert, MD. The books Live Younger, Longer (2016) and Live Younger TWO Times Longer (2018) review over 500 recent scientific references on the lifestyle of centenarians and all the facets that help preserve our abilities as we grow older. Knowing that many simple things could promote healthy aging and allow us to keep those we love longer with us, Éric Simard’s mission is to help people age well.

 Vitoli products are part of this approach with the commitment to formulate the best products, knowing better than anyone the needs of aging. This line of high value-added products also aims to make natural health products of higher quality accessible in the practice of health professionals. Vitoli products are now available in major pharmacies in Quebec.