Vitoli products are highly appreciated by pharmacists who are acquainted with them. The reason is simple and depends on several factors:

  • All the ingredients used are standardized (Idunn Technologies is the only company to guarantee this).
  • All the ingredients are at the doses necessary to allow effectiveness (no decorative fillers).
  • Made in Quebec in a manufacture with its pharmaceutical production license.
  • Efficiency is appreciated by customers.

Pharmacists are trained in the use of specific molecules (standardization) used according to published evidence. The higher quality of Vitoli products has thus restored their confidence in natural supplements.

Appreciated training

Vitoli products have been developed with the collaboration of two specialized pharmacists (with training in naturopathy) with the aim of making more effective products available. It was important for us to clearly explain the quality criteria applied, as well as the recommendations for their use and their potential contraindications.

You should know that 73-85% of the population uses natural health products and only 25% consult their healthcare professionals about it. The availability of more effective products fills a need for both consumers and healthcare professionals.

It is not enough to have access to information to be well-informed. Many people know that we offer training to pharmacists, doctors, nurses, naturopaths and anyone who wants to be better equipped to recommend products. Many pharmacists have told us that this is the best natural health product training they have ever attended. We already have more than 1,500 trained professionals in Quebec.

A TELUS Health survey of people trained, revealed a satisfaction rate of over 95%. It can be said that training in the use of Vitoli products adds relevant information in the practice of their functions.


Here are some testimonials involving recommendations from pharmacists. They are taken from the Testimonials section of the Vitoli website. These are people who wrote to us to thank us and we asked them if we could use their testimony by mentioning their full name, their age and their region in order to demonstrate that they are real people:

  • Vitoli has helped me greatly for over a year with the advice of my pharmacist. I am really impressed with the results! I am no longer taking any medication except a low dose medication on the recommendation of my cardiologist. Being followed for rheumatology for 25 years, for inflammatory arthritis and having taken everything that was available on the market for years. I feel so liberated! I am now taking Vitoli Healthy Aging, Vitoli Memory and Cognitive Health and Vitoli Immunity. With Memory and Cognitive Health, I saw an improvement in my piano skills. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Vitoli! Manon Bédard, 60 years old, L’Île-Cadieux.
  • I am so stressed and anxious that I can only sleep 3-4 hours a night. My “brain hamster” is spinning all the time. At one point, I couldn’t take it anymore, I was having trouble getting through my day and couldn’t catch up. Since Valérie, my pharmacist at Familiprix, advised me to take Vitoli Energy, everything has changed! I manage to get through my day and I “go wild” as it seems. I haven’t even taken two bottles and already I feel so much better! I know I need to sort out my stress and anxiety issues anyway, but at least I got through it thanks to Vitoli! Johanne Marquis, 53 years old, Saint-Félix-de-Valois.
  • I learned about Vitoli products from my pharmacist. I suffered so much and received four injections every quarter of the month. There have been no more injections for several months now. I’m taking Vitoli Joints for my osteoarthritis problems. No more osteoarthritis attacks and I had a walker that I haven’t used since. I’m glad I learned about these products from the pharmacist. Thank you Vitoli! Céline Bégin Marois, 71 years old, Lévis.
  • In my 50’s I really fell into the hollow heat of the menopause. A real hell. The extreme heat at night was so overwhelming that I had to get up to change and put a beach towel on my sheets because everything was wet. The temperature of the room had to be put at 15 degrees, because my spouse was getting desperate. Hot flashes at work, and at brief times of the day, I could no longer stand it. I went to see my pharmacist at Familiprix and she advised me to take Vitoli. I have already heard about natural products that they were not very effective for menopause but as I was very desperate, so I decided to try the Vitoli product. To my very big surprise it worked. Sure, I still have some small episodes but nothing comparable to before. I recommended it to my friends and just by looking at me, they can see that I am much better. Thank you Vitoli. Sonya Tremblay, 50 years old, Repentigny.
  • I had severe anxiety. My doctor prescribed medication for my stress and I was unable to take these medicines, as I didn’t want to become addicted to it. After seven days, I went to see the pharmacist to ask if I could have a natural product. He advised that I take Vitoli Stress and Anxiety and it really works. After 1h, I felt my stress go away. I will not pass up on this product. That’s wonderful! 😍 Lynda Morin, 52 years old, Maniwaki.

And we have many more! People are usually surprised at the effectiveness of our products and many write to us to thank us. You can read other testimonials on the Vitoli website and even select the testimonials based on the products you are interested in.


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