In the name of science, we affirm, we certify, and we guarantee, but is this really the case? Will today’s technologically high-powered science know how to take care of our health and well-being? And what exactly is science?

The model advocated since the discovery of penicillin in 1939 has reached its limits. We die and suffer first and foremost from chronic diseases and not from infectious diseases. Our way of life as well as our denatured environment are responsible for most of our diseases which continue to increase despite medical progress. One medicine for every symptom is outdated. We must make room for the wholeness of being with a holistic approach that relies on methods encompassing the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual, the environmental, and the socio-cultural.

The fact that more and more analgesics, antidepressants, antacids, and an average of 13 kinds of drugs are being prescribed for people aged 65 and over, testifies to a misunderstanding of the source of human problems and a lack of healthy therapeutic resources for the well-being of people.

We are far from having grasped the beauty of our natural chemistry, our cosmos, and even less, our place in this universe of which we are an integral part. We have not integrated this science that we call quantum mechanics which tells us that everything is energy and that our entire physical world is part of this same energy.

Stop looking for the miracle drug, act differently and become the miracle itself! We even try to rule out the pharmacy of the ‘good Lord’ which with its plants and natural supplements often supports and even cures what we call chronic diseases.

Today, functional medicine, which investigates the biochemical and environmental causes of disease upstream, is much more promising. It is a medicine of partnership where prevention has a prominent place. In the future, I have a strong conviction that energy medicine will gain in importance and will allow us to understand and help the human being more advantageously and without harmful effects.

I believe it is time for man to rethink his relationship with himself, with others, and with his environment. What is man? This question must come to the fore. Man must become aware of the multi-faceted nature that inhabits him and transform his way of living with himself, his fellow men, and the planet. I invite you to discover your inner doctor with the trilogy of my three books.


Dr. Gaétan A. Brouillard, Medical Physician (1976, March 2022), PhD in Medecina Alternativa.