We will not hide it; the current COVID-19 epidemic has major repercussions for all of us. Even if the vast majority of people have not caught it, you can easily consider yourself a victim of it all the same: loss of income, loss of freedom with the obligation to stay at home, financial stress, family stress, etc… The list can be very long. One of the major elements brought by COVID-19 is the increase in stress in most people.

Generally speaking, we believe that our stress comes from stressful situations that can occur in our lives. As is currently the case. It’s easy to conclude that all this fight caused by this virus is the cause of the stress that we feel. In fact, COVID-19 is not at all responsible for the stress that we are currently inflicting on ourselves. YES! YES! You read correctly!

The vast majority of people are used to thinking that the sources of stress are external to them. The problem with this way of thinking is that it leaves us complete victims of external situations and takes away any possibility of mastering this stress without changing the stressful situation. In addition, most of the time, these stressful situations are beyond our control and there is nothing we can do about it. Thus, we are forced to remain stressed until the situation is resolved. Many people are eagerly awaiting the disappearance of COVID-19 to allow them to lower their stress levels. Well, I have good news for you!

The stress is not caused by what you think and it is possible to regain control of it now, even if the external situation does not change!

Indeed, the stress experienced by each individual is generated internally and not externally. It is our beliefs and our habits, not the circumstances, which are the real sources of this stress that we are experiencing. The good news here is that by changing certain beliefs and habits, it is entirely possible to greatly lower or even eliminate the stress experienced in any situation.

Another cause of the stress experienced today is the influence that others have on us. In fact, even if we are not necessarily aware of it, the stress experienced by people around us can have a direct effect on our stress level. It has been shown that a person living with a negative emotion can contaminate up to 6 people with their negative energy. So, I’m sure you’ve experienced a time where you felt very good and went to a place where the mood was negative and suddenly started to feel worse. We are highly emotionally influenced, without even knowing it. So very often, the stress that we can feel does not even belong to us.

Here are the steps I propose to relieve stress:

  1. First, ask yourself internally the question: Is this stress coming from me?
  2. Second, connect to your intuition for the answer.
  • If the answer is no:

a) Return this stress to its sender with kind words.

  • If the answer is yes:

a) Ask your intuition: what is the belief that causes this stress?

b) Listen to the response that comes to you, from your intuition.

c) Once the belief has been identified, ask what the truth about that belief is.

d) Visualize the integration of this truth in all of your cells.


And that’s it!

This very simple and yet very powerful technique can allow you to regain your well-being in all circumstances.