Founded in 2013 by Éric Simard, doctor of biology, Idunn Technologies is a Quebec company that specializes in prevention, for healthy aging. The company has discovered, with Concordia University, the best modulators of primary aging, to date. The current research program, already 5 years old, is supported by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada and now involves the participation of a second specialized research center in the Quebec region. The goal of this research is to live healthier lives; to make prevention a priority.

Primary and secondary aging

Since the early 2000s, scientists have made important discoveries that challenge the theories of aging previously developed. Aging is not only the result of wear and tear caused by oxidation; these molecules are produced by the energy production of our cells. It took more than 10 years for a new theory to be defended by scientists in the field, in that of 2013, supporting a researcher who made this hypothesis in 1957 (George C. Williams, 1926 – 2010: antagonistic pleiotropy (1957)). It was later renamed by a great American researcher (Mikhail V. Blagosklonny): the theory of hyperfunction.

In the next two articles (Healthy Aging, articles 2 and 3), I will discuss the discoveries that have made it possible to better understand aging (the caloric restriction: article 2) and the fact that these discoveries constitute a major advance in the field of the prevention of diseases (mimetics: article 3).

Research on aging has shown that there are two main levels of aging: primary and secondary. Primary aging refers to the urge of the body to age; the cellular functioning that causes aging (which is completely new and better understood since 2013). Secondary aging, for its part, depends on our lifestyle, on the following 4 main factors:

  • Food
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management
  • The quality of social life

There is a fifth factor, which we have classified as a facilitating factor, since it facilitates the achievement of healthy lifestyles related to the four factors mentioned. It is associated with the personality of centenarians. And yes, all centenarians, regardless of their country of origin or their culture, share common personality traits: they are extroverted and have a great capacity for expressing their emotions. This fifth factor is in being fundamentally positive. Being fundamentally positive means that you have an unshakable practical positive outlook on the past, on the present and above all, that you are confident of the future. Basically positive people will even assess their health status more positively than it actually is. This positivism promotes the adoption of healthy lifestyles. Secondary aging is therefore influenced by our lifestyle and our state of mind.

Primary aging, on the other hand, can be influenced by certain molecules capable of improving the functioning of our cells by increasing our repair capacities or by reducing the body’s urge to age. We now know that it is possible to act on primary aging in order to enjoy life and the people we love as long as possible.

Very important discoveries

In January 2015, 30 of the most important scientists in the field of aging came together to publish an article shedding light on this important discovery (Longo et al, 2015: Interventions to Slow Aging in Humans: Are We Ready?). It is possible to act on human aging in order to add quality years to life, to preserve our capacities longer. To this end, Idunn Technologies has developed the Vitoli® Healthy Aging product. These are the best documented ingredients for their preventive impacts on aging. Vitoli® Healthy Aging therefore aims to keep you healthy, longer. Resveratrol in its unique formulation stimulates repair mechanisms while the olive polyphenols of the Provitol® Complex, exclusive to the Vitoli® product line and derived from patented technology, act in synergy on the cellular mechanisms of primary aging.

Do not be fooled, Idunn Technologies is the only company specializing in the field of aging, carrying out cutting-edge research, offering you very high quality products: the Vitoli® product line.