Family is one of the most precious things in life. It is important for us to take care of them and in order to do so, we must consider what is best for those around us.

What has made Vitoli products so successful, is its effectiveness. This has led people to recommend them to friends and family members. Many people write to us to thank us and tell us about their experience, mentioning who recommended them to take try Vitoli products.

Here are some testimonials we have received from satisfied customers. Note that we mention the full name, age and region of the person, with their agreement, in order to demonstrate that these are real testimonials.



  • The summer of 2019 was difficult for me, I lost my mother and it was a shock for me. The morning of her funeral, I was no longer in control of my body, I was so tense. My partner gave me Vitoli Stress and Anxiety. I took two tablets and felt the effects after 30 minutes. My body relaxed and I managed to get through this day without losing control of my emotions. I take it now before bed to release the stress of the day and I have better nights. Last January, menopause set in with muscle aches, irritability and hot flashes. I took one Vitoli Menopause tablet in the morning to help me get through the day and one in the evening to reduce hot flashes at night. In three days, the episodes had greatly reduced. I use these two products regularly in order to maintain a good quality of life. – Chantal Clément, 51 years old, from Rouyn-Noranda.


  • The doctors told me not to move, but I work and move like crazy 7 days a week. My husband was already taking Vitoli’s Energy, so I decided to try Vitoli’s Joints. My foot problem is supposedly plantar fasciitis; suffering like you can’t believe! So why not give it a try? A week and a half later, 90% symptoms have disappeared. Thank you Vitoli! – Annick Clément, 48 years old, from Lanaudière.


  • For several months, I had been taking sleeping pills to sleep at night. Someone close to me advised me to try Vitoli Sleep. Indeed, my nights of sleep are no longer disturbed and I wake up well rested in the morning. I regret not having known this 100% natural product earlier. Goodbye sleeping pills!!! – Jean-Michel Renaud, 36 years old, from Bois-des-Filion.



  • My son introduced me to Vitoli products and I am very happy. Vitoli Energy capsules are great. I have a lot more energy and I can take care of my apartment much more easily while being less tired. I appreciate it very much, thank you again. – Gisèle Gauthier, 85 years old, from Laval.


  • A few years ago, I had pneumonia and as I am asthmatic, I was more vulnerable and I then contracted a small virus. My brother brought to my attention Vitoli Immunity and I can tell you that it has been very effective. I always keep it within reach, in case my allergies act up or if I get a sore throat or cold, I take my Vitoli Immunity and it works. This way I avoid bronchial infections and therefore, antibiotics. Vitoli Immunity is really helping to strengthen my immune system. I recommend it without any hesitation, as it is very effective. – Sylvie Desbiens, 61 years old, from Alma.


  • For several years now, I’ve been lacking a lot of energy. Everyday life requires a lot of effort, whether for an activity with my children or an outing with friends. It seems unrealistic, but I had to plan everything and take a nap before each activity! I have spoken with various doctors who suspect sleep apnea and I have to undergo tests, but in the meantime I still have to work and it is difficult for those around me! Last November my mother told me about Vitoli. I did not believe it for a minute because I tried other natural products (for energy) with no results. I took Vitoli® Energy, twice a day. I saw results after about 1 week: I had more energy and I no longer felt the need to plan everything and take naps before planning an outing. I stopped taking it because the point of sale in my region was far away, and I started to run out of energy again … my old routine was coming back! A little skeptical once again, I went back to get the product and really realized that the Vitoli® Energy was the reason for my energy surplus! Now, I take 1 to 2 capsules a day of Vitoli® Energy, depending on my day… waiting for my tests regarding sleep apnea. Thank you Vitoli! – Vicky Deschamps, 38 years old, from Pointe-aux-Trembles.


  • My daughter (21-year-old) experiences a lot of anxiety on a daily basis and since taking Vitoli Stress and Anxiety she is getting better. She didn’t believe it, but she quickly realized that it really made her feel good. She takes a capsule every morning, and until now, it is rare are that she has any attacks. I share with you her experience, because I know she is not the only one in this situation, and it really helps! Thank you for the quality of your products, at least our money isn’t going to waste. – Doris Drapeau, 52 years old, from Québec.


  • I take several products from the Vitoli product line and I recommended them to my sister and parents. This allowed my parents to replace the very popular sleeping pills with Vitoli Sleep. Thank you Vitoli! – Natalie Lapointe, 50 years old, from Sainte-Sophie.


  • I take the products Vitoli Joints and Vitoli Healthy Aging for my fibromyalgia and in caring for my mother of 91 years old. She is in good health and has no serious illness, other than her osteoporosis. Despite that, of course because of her age, she has small pains here and there, where I would run off to the pharmacy for creams like Antiphlogistine or Voltarin. I started, a month ago, to give her Vitoli Joints and Vitoli to Healthy Aging and Vitoli Sleep to sleep. Today I asked her: “Mom, do you still have pain in your back, and legs like before? You don’t ask me more to massage you with the creams?” and she told me: “It’s true!! I have no more pain”. All thanks to Vitoli. She sleeps longer and deeper, and she really doesn’t have any pain, so no more creams. My mother never remembered her dreams, and now she does. Her dream state memory has improved. Her quality of life has improved by far. Thank you very much for your good products. I am your number one fan! – Marisol Robles, 56 years old, from St-Hyppolite.