When we think of energy, it is just as much about physical performance as it is about mental performance or state of mind. Feeling tired can mean that we are depressed, that we are under chronic stress, that our body is not producing its energy well, or that we are accumulating fatigue due to a very demanding period. Vitoli® Energy is the most comprehensive product on the market to help you with all of these facets.

We developed Vitoli products with the goal of providing more effective products for specific facets associated with healthy longevity. Thus, we use rhodiola for Vitoli® Energy. This formula also contains magnesium, vitamin B6 and the exclusive Provitol® Complex (olive polyphenols derived from patented technology). These olive polyphenols are very potent systemic antioxidants and gerosuppressive agents. The dose of the Provitol® Complex is that recommended by the European Union for reducing the risk of atherosclerosis related to the oxidation of bad cholesterol. It is a powerful systemic antioxidant.

Vitoli® Energy is therefore ideal to help you get through difficult times. It is not addictive, it does not create dependency, nor sleep problems. It shouldn’t have an impact on blood pressure and it doesn’t make you gain weight like chemical antidepressants. It is recommended to take one to two capsules per day as needed. Some people use it momentarily, when they feel the need, others use it permanently, every day. Its only contraindication concerns bipolar disorders. Consult your pharmacist if you are taking any medication.

Some testimonials

Here are some testimonials from the Testimonials section of the Vitoli website. These are people who wrote to us to thank us and we asked them if we could use their testimonial by mentioning their full name, age, and region to show that these are real people:

  • I’m usually always tired, both mentally and physically; I then decided to use the product, Energy. What a difference! Even after big days at work I still have the energy to get a one-hour workout with my spouse, something I couldn’t do before. In addition, I no longer need more hours of sleep to be able to operate the next day. I recommend this product 100%. Véronique Mongeon, 39 years old, Gatineau.
  • My son introduced me to Vitoli products and I am very happy. Vitoli Energy capsules are great. I have a lot more energy and I can take care of my apartment much more easily while being less tired. I appreciate it very much, thank you again. Gisèle Gauthier, 85 years old, Laval.
  • I am so stressed and anxious that I can only sleep 3-4 hours a night. My “brain hamster” is spinning all the time. At one point, I couldn’t take it anymore, I was having trouble getting through my day and couldn’t catch up. Since Valérie, my pharmacist at Familiprix, advised me to take Vitoli Energy, everything has changed! I manage to get through my day and I “go wild” as it seems. I haven’t even taken two bottles and already I feel so much better! I know I need to sort out my stress and anxiety issues anyway, but at least I got through it thanks to Vitoli! Johanne Marquis, 53 years old, Saint-Félix-de-Valois.
  • For 4 years now, I’ve always been tired. I tried everything. I took Vitoli Energy and wow! After a week, I was already much better. It’s been two weeks now and I find it wonderful. Vitoli has changed my life. Thanks Vitoli. Vicky Deschamps, 38 years old, Pointe-Aux-Trembles.
  • I have been taking Vitoli Energy for a few weeks now and immediately after one week I felt more energized and less stressed. I never thought I could have results like this! Thank you Vitoli! Chantale Larouche, 51 years old, Côte-Nord.


Claims permitted by Health Canada for Vitoli® Energy:

  • Helps maintain a good level of energy.
  • Temporarily helps relieve symptoms of stress such as mental fatigue and sensations of weakness.
  • Helps support cognitive function such as concentration and mental stamina.
  • Helps to maintain proper muscle function.
  • Provides antioxidants.

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