First, I must start by mentioning that I have been passionate about sports and physical activity since I was born. Native to Sherbrooke, I was part of all the sports teams I could play, starting in elementary school. Over the years, I have developed a greater interest in team sports.

I already knew at a young age what I wanted to do for a living (other than being a professional athlete). It was to help people achieve their goals and surpass themselves.

Once I was in CEGEP, I got to choose my favorite sport and went to Champlain College in Lennoxville to learn English and play football. Then I went to the University of Sherbrooke where I did my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in addition to being part of the Vert et Or football team throughout my 4-year university career. During my baccalaureate, I was already starting to work in physical preparation for STAXX. From then on, I started with a very varied clientele ranging from elementary school children to university athletes; all sports combined.

At the end of my studies, I had the chance to meet the one who is now my wife and the mother of our 2 little boys, aged 2 and 5. Throughout my years of physical and mental preparation with the athletes, I also worked as a representative for the Nike Team for the Estrie region.

In fact, it was 1 year before Émile was born that I wondered about the impact I wanted to have in life. So, I made the decision to get out of athletic performance and focus on everyday performance to help as many people as possible to feel their best. That’s when I defined my mission in life: to simplify health to motivate people to improve their lifestyle to have more energy.

From this mission, I created Bougezmieux. Its goal: to intervene in companies to improve staff health for better productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Since the creation of Bougezmieux, every day, I have made it a point to listen to at least 1 hour of podcast on health with certified specialists in functional medicine to deepen my knowledge in the different pillars of preventive health.

Now, with the creation of the HUMAIN360 platform, I hope to be able to empower and influence hundreds of thousands of people towards better health.


Jean-Christophe Poirier, kinesiologist
Founder of Bougezmieux and co-founder of Humain360